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10 Ways To Use Blackberry Chipotle Sauce
by Jennifer Pierce

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When I see an interesting product like "Blackberry Chipotle Sauce,"  I think to myself, "Mmm, that sounds good.  But how would I use it??"  I have the answer for you, well, 10 answers actually.  

Let me describe this unique product.  The Cocoa Exchange chefs have worked their magic again in mixing dark chocolate with blackberries and chipotle peppers into this wonderful sauce.  Who would think of mixing those ingredients!?!   But it works!  You first taste the sweetness of the chocolate, then a fruity-sweetness comes through, and finally it leaves you with a slightly spicy kick at the end.  These chefs are masterful at the art of combining sweet and spicy!  Let me clarify, this can only be called spicy by the broadest definition of the word.  If you think black pepper is spicy, then ok, this might be spicy.  Otherwise, this sauce is not spicy at all!   Trust me, I'm a big wimp when it comes to hot!    

So, is this a dessert sauce?  Is it meant to be used in cooking meals?   Or maybe it's a finishing sauce?  Is it a jelly? 

YES!    Yes, yes , and yes.  It's all of those and more!    Read on to learn my top 10 ways, in no particular order, to use Blackberry Chipotle Sauce.


Who doesn't love an easy crock pot recipe?  Frozen meatballs plus Blackberry Chipotle Sauces makes for an amazing addition to your next potluck!

Blackberry Chipotle Meatballs

1/2 jar TCE Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

1 bag Frozen Meatballs

1/2 cup Beef Broth

Add ingredients to a crockpot and cook on Low for 4 hours.  Serve immediately.



Wow guests at your next dinner party with this amazing -looking appetizer.  Doesn't it look beautiful?  Your guests will think you perfected this fancy sauce, when you really just poured it from the jar.  Shhh...I won't tell.  

Simply place a block of cream cheese on a plate surrounded with crackers.  Spoon 2-3 Tbs of TCE Blackberry Chipotle Sauce on top of the cream cheese, allowing it to fall over the sides.  



Mimosas are my favorite cocktail!  I'm not sure if it's the simplicity of the drink, the bubbles, or the fact that it's an acceptable morning drink that I love the most.   This version of a classic is  sure to be a new favorite.  

1/2  cup Sugar

3/4 cup Water

3 Tbs Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

1 bottle Prosecco

Fresh blackberries, lemon, or rosemary for garnish

In a small saucepan, bring water and sugar to a boil.  Add Blackberry Chipotle Sauce and reduce heat to low.  Simmer for 10 minutes. Strain syrup and allow to cool in refrigerator.   When ready to serve, add 4 oz Prosecco and 2 oz syrup to a glass.  Add  blackberries, lemon curl, or sprig of rosemary to garnish.  


One of the most basic meals and yet it has unlimited varieties, the sandwich is iconic.    Blackberry Chipotle Sauce is the perfect addition to two of the most common American sandwiches:  Turkey and Grilled Cheese.    I recommend using Cheddar or Brie  cheese with this sauce spread generously on crustini or sourdough.  Think Thanksgiving leftovers when making the turkey sandwich.  Leftover turkey, Blackberry Chipotle Sauce (instead of cranberry sauce), lettuce, tomato, or even mashed potatoes, if you are feeling frisky!  


Wakey, wakey;  eggs and bacon-ey!!   Do you put ketchup on your scrambled eggs?   Try Blackberry Chipotle Sauce on your eggs next time.  Or better yet, add it to your bacon!  The best way to cook bacon is in the oven!  Place bacon on a baking sheet and cook on 400 * F.  Bake for 10 minutes.  Take it out and brush a light coat of Blackberry Chipotle Sauce over the bacon.  Finish cooking the bacon in the oven another 5-10 minutes.  Yum!!

#6. RIBS

Ribs, wings, or just about any meat on the grill is amazing covered in Blackberry Chipotle Sauce.  No recipe needed.  Just smother the sauce on your favorite meat during the grilling process and cook normally.  You can thank me later.  



A perfect summertime beverage: Lemonaid.  Make it special by adding Blackberry Chipotle Sauce in this simple recipe that's sure to impress your guests at the next pool party.  

1 cup fresh Lemon Juice

3/4 cup Sugar

1 cup Fresh Blueberries

1 cup Hot Water

1 Tbs Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

3 cups Cold Water


In a blender, add hot water, blueberries, Blackberry Chipotle Sauce, lemon juice, and sugar.  Blend until fully pureed and sugar is melted.  Strain over  a pitcher, if desired. Add cold water  and mix.  Chill in refrigerator 1-2 hours.  Serve over ice.


Your family will be impressed by this vinaigrette that you can whip up in only 5 minutes!  Try it over a salad of mixed dark greens, berries, bacon, and feta cheese.  

1 Tbs Red Wine Vinegar

1 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbs  TCE Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

1 Tbs  TCE Stone Ground Mustard

Wisk all ingredients together in a small bowl.  Serve over your favorite salad. 

#9.  JELLY

No need to over-complicate this.   The Blackberry Chipotle Sauce is yummy used as a jelly on toast!  


I may have saved the best for last.  Try adding a spoonful of Blackberry Chipotle Sauce to vanilla ice cream!  

Or make this simple  Blackberry Chipotle Ice Cream Pie:

1 chocolate cookie crust, prepared

1 pint Vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

2 Tbs Pure Dark Chocolate Nibs

8 oz Cool Whip

3 Tbs TCE Hot Chocolate Mix

optional TCE Chocolate Slab or Fudge Sauce

Let ice cream sit out for an hour to soften.  Mix ice cream with Blackberry Chipotle Sauce and Chocolate  Nibs.  Pour mixture into pie crust.  Freeze for at least an hour.  Meanwhile, mix  Hot Chocolate Mix with Cool Whip.    When ready, cover ice cream pie with chocolate cool whip.  Top with a drizzle of Fudge Sauce or grate shaving s of Chocolate Slab on top.  ENJOY!

Blackberry Chipotle Sauce and other delcious products can be purchased at

or contact the Cocoa Queen, Jenn Pierce, for help with recipes or gift suggestions at 240-821-3009 or



About the Contributor

Jennifer Pierce / Cocoa Queen

The Cocoa Exchange Hagerstown, MD

Hi! I'm Jenn, the Cocoa Queen! I have a blast sharing chocolate with new friends at in-home tasting parties! From Chocolate Martinis to Chocolate Hot Sauce, there is truly something for everyone. This benefits of this company are endless: free luxury vacations, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, backed by billion-dollar Mars, Inc., and tons of support. Is it work if you are having this much fun?
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