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2 Fantastic Reasons to Join Norwex in December
by Sandra Hayward

  • Business:
  • Business Opportunity,
  • Getting Started/Fast Track,
  • Party Plan


It's always a great time to start your own business with Norwex, however this December Norwex is offering 2 fantastic reasons to consider becoming and independent sales consultant. 

2 FANTASTIC reasons to join norwex in december in australia & NZ

  1. Receive you Party Starter Kit for FREE when you submit only $1000 in Subtotal A sales in your first 90 days with Norwex 
  2. Extended time to acieve your FreshSTART Rewards - Your FreshSTART Rewards start date will commence January 1st, so there's even more time to achieve the fantastic rewards after the holidays! 



This means that for the cost of postage you are able to open a Norwex account and have the opportunity to purchase your Norwex wholesale (ie.  32% off).  Share Norwex with friends and family and earn your kit  (valued at $489) for free, some income to help pay for Christmas and some free products. If you decide that partying is not for you that's okay.   You can keep you account  open by ordering at least  $275  retail  within every 6 month "rolling" period.  This can be for your own supplies, but will also hopefully be other peoples purchases as you share the products with those around you!


I’d love to help you if you...

 → Are looking for some extra income?


→ Want flexible work hours?


→ Need to get your brain out of baby or kid zone for a bit? Do something for yourself?


→ Would like an opportunity to earn free products, gifts and travel?


→ Simply get to know an amazing group of people & join an incredible company?


→ Just want to save money on products that you love?

If ANY of these appeal to you AND you are in Australia or New Zealand, please reach out to me by email (, give me a call (+61 423 887 533) or via Facebook as I’d love to help you and have you join my team in making a difference and helping others improve the quality of their life.



3 Starter Kit Builder options are also available for purchase at a saving of 40% at time of joining.


About the Contributor

Sandra Hayward / Team Coordinator

Norwex Gold Coast, QLD

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I am a wife and a mum to a teenage boy. I am thankful that I have been able to create a safe haven of my home with the amazing Norwex products. I am passionate about helping others to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in their homes, create financial freedom and a brighter future for themselves, their families and our planet.
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