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5 Lemongrass Spa Must Haves
by brittany pears

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Haircare/Hair Products,
  • Personal Care

       If your a total newbie or a die-hard Lemongrass spa products fan this is a must-have list from me! What makes my list something I feel every home should have? while that is simple, these five products help everyone in my family and with more than one use! talk about covenant and a money saver! I know I am all about saving the money. It won't matter if you are a mom, wife, dad, father, sister, brother or friend these will help you or someone you know that could use some help! 


 If you get nothing else off this list please do not miss this one! This Balm is a miracle in a jar! it is a petroleum-free formula that has Lavender essential oil with a blend of calendula, chamomile and zinc oxide. this lavender- vanilla smell is so light and airy. this product was originally made as a diaper rash cream, let me tell you it is Amazing diaper cream. but that isn't its only use! In my house, I bought it as a diaper cream solely out of desperation. My four-month-old at the time has this awful rash with blisters. I had switched diapers, wipes, creams. I had taken her to the doctor and all. I cried at the thought of changing her. I knew it hurt and I wasn't finding a fix! that is when I found Lemongrass, the consultant told me to try this it will work! To be totally honest I rolled my eyes and thought to myself your hippie cream isn't going to help if a medicated cream did nothing, but I also had nothing to lose so I ordered a tub. after 24 hours of applying this balm at every change, her butt was clear! I couldn't believe it worked and so fast, I was in love. As I loved this product it was so much more than this butt cream. It helps treat a variety of skin irritations including burns, itchiness, even burses. My kids use it as a boo-boo cream while I use it for burns and a night cream to help fight my acne. 



Bar soap 

Our Bar soaps are my favorite bar soaps out there. They are beautifully handcrafted and cut, so soft you can cut it with a butter knife. with 11 varieties everyone in your house will find something they love! For only 8 dollars they last a long time, just cut them into 4 chunks and see how long they last! I cut mine and use them in different parts of the house. the face soap it in the showers along with at the sinks for washing your face at night. Cutting them also makes it easier to hold. My favorite is the midnight orchid and my husband loved the men's private reserve. We also switch back and forth between the charcoal and tea tree face soaps. 







Revitalizing Hair Mist 

Revive your dull and damaged hair with this conditioning spray. This spray is enhanced with D-Panthenol (Pro-vitamin of B5). this Formula helps to tame your frizz and detangle helping you with easy styling! I have very wavy hair and I straighten it to keep it looking like its been combed in the last 100 years. After I shower and towel dry my hair I spay this into my hand and rub it into my hair just a few sprays, then it is much easier to comb out and in the morning my waves are less frizzy knots and more of a soft ocean wave. I also use this spray for my 2-year-olds hair. she has these amazing end curls but it brings her to tears to comb them out so a few sprays of this and we both have a much easier time with combing her hair! 




Body Polish 

 Treat yourself and enhance your skin's natural glow with our Body Polishes. The nourishing oils keep your skin healthy and moisturized. safe to use from head to toe to help buff away your dry skin! I LOVE it as a pre-shaving treatment that helps get a closer shave with no shaving cream needed. If you or someone you know what using their hands for there jobs such as a mechanic, or farmer. using this will help get the grease off and help with the cracking from outside conditions or over washing hand, shout out to you nurses. Everyone should treat themselves with this product, even used as a good foot scrub! With 8 different scrubs, you are sure to like one. the lavender mint and tranquil escape are sea-salt based while the rest is sugar based. 







Bug-A-Boo Insect Repellent 


this Insect repellent is formulated with aloe vera juice. lemon, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oil=, and catnip and citronella. It's a light and citrus spray that will leave you guarded against the pesky pests. this is so safe you can also use it on your pets! did I mention this is deet free too! Whether you are playing in the yard, camping, hiking or gardening this spray will keep the bug's away and keep you safe. It also comes with a glide-on stick to make applying to your face safe! My family is an outdoors family. We spend a lot of time outside gardening and camping and this will keep the bugs from making a meal out of us! When the pets are outside I don't have to worry about fleas and ticks because A few sprays of this will keep them away. Who doesn't like to keep their fur babies as safe as them? 

About the Contributor

brittany pears / team leader

Lemongrass Spa fredonia , PA

My name is Brittany and I am a Team Leader for Lemongrass Spa. When I am not working my biz I am a wife and mother of two. I love being able to spend my days with my family and working when I want! I love reading, spending time with friends and trying new things!
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