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5 Reasons Lilla Rose Makes a Great Add-On Business

                             5 Reasons Why Lilla Rose Makes a Great Add-On Business



Lilla Rose is a great business for anyone looking to work for themselves. With wonderful products and virtually no competition, it really is direct sales best-kept secret.   But it can also be a very lucrative add-on business to your existing health, beauty or clothes business.  Just think you can add even more value by offering Lilla Rose products that compliment your existing products and services.     


1. Awesome products that work and are not in competition with your existing product line that you love. Our most popular product is the Flexi Clip. If you are not familiar with this unique patented product you can learn more here. We also have U-Pins, Hair  Sticks, Headbands and Bobby Pins. You can read more about those here                                                                 2. Today's consumers are busier than ever and they are looking for more value when they purchase.  By offering our great Flexi Clips and other hair accessories to your existing line you a serving your customer even more with products that will make their life easier or more enjoyable. Giving them more bang for their buck and saving them time.



 3.  There are less than 9000 Lilla Rose Stylist in the country today. That means adding Lilla Rose to your existing business is a great opportunity. Since so many women have never even heard of  Lilla Rose it is an untapped market with virtually no competition.  This gives you an edge over other consultants in your brand as well as competitors.



     4. The commission is 30 -45 % with no monthly minimums or quotas.  You get 30% straight out the gate.  Lilla Rose also offers a FREE website for you as a stylist. When I first heard that, I did not think it was that big a deal but since then I have learned that it is. It is the exception to the rule. I like that.


5. The Ready, Set, Style enrollment kit is normally $125 and has a $300 value.. already a great deal BUT right now until July 25th, you can start your own Lilla Rose business for $99 and FREE SHIPPING. All you need is in the kit. You do not have to have inventory if you choose not to.

There is also an optional add-on kit, called the Fast Start.  Now, depending on how you are going to build your business this may be a great option for you. If you need inventory this is the best deal and it is on sale right now too. Until July 25th, the Fast Start Kit along with the Ready Set Style Kit above is $599  (together these kits have a value of  $1400) with FREE SHIPPING for both.

 We also have a new program called, Ready, Set, Win where in your first 3 months as a stylist you can earn up to $600 in Lilla Rose products.  Now when the company started this program it was for the new stylist in their first 3 months  BUT they let all of us participate as if it was our first 3 months as well.   That's just how they roll at Lilla Rose...pretty darn cool. This is the third month of the program and I will have earned almost $325 in FREE product already.




I hope I gave you some ideas to think about and I would love to talk to you more if you have any questions about how you can add-on a Lilla Rose business to your existing business. 


Remember the  enrollment kit sale ends July 25th,



Be Unique, Be You,



                                                                        Are you ready to offer your customers more value?

                    You can email me at







About the Contributor

MARIE WATSON / Supervisor

Lilla Rose Darby, MT

It's funny how a simple hair clip can change how I woman sees herself, but it can. That's what I love about Lilla Rose and why I became a stylist to share these awesome products with women who need them so that they will realize that they were created special and NO ONE is quite like them and sometimes all it takes is an encouraging word... and a hair clip .
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