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5 Reasons why I love the Do Good Box
by Candice Healing

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5 reasons why I love the Do Good Box

Subscription boxes are so popular right now. So many companies have them, and you can get them for almost anything because everyone loves to get packages in the mail. I love Color by Amber's Do Good box for many reasons, but I've narrowed it down to my top five.

#5 It saves me time

As a working mom, I don't have a lot of time to shop for myself. Before I had kids, I used to enjoy shopping. I had time to spend browsing through all the stores, taking the time to decide what I loved best, and narrowing my final decision down to my favourites. But now, if I'm shopping, it's often for my kids or things we need for the house, not for me. So the Do Good box is a perfect solution for someone who still likes to treat themselves to something new once a month, but doesn't have the time to go shopping. Now my new jewelry comes to me, instead of me having to take the time to go out and search for it.

#4 It saves me money

The reason I signed up for the Do Good box on my first Color by Amber purchase was simple, it saved me money. And I don't mean it was on sale or something, I meant it actually was cheaper for me to get it than not get it. With the Do Good box, you get 20% off anything you want in the catalogue, plus free shipping. So once I figured out what I wanted to order, it was cheaper for me to add the box for $59.95 CAD than pay full price and shipping for everything without the box. Obviously I wanted a lot of things! So for me, it was a no brainer. I'm a math teacher and enjoy finding the best way (and cheapest way) to do things. And it still saves me money, why pay full price for something when I can add it to my box for 20% off? And who doesn't love free shipping, especially in Canada!

#3 It's Exclusive

Everyone wants something unique, something that not everyone can have. That's what's special about the Do Good box. It's exclusive jewelry that's only available for 6 weeks, then it's gone, never to be made again. And another added bonus is that you can add matching jewelry to your box that is also exclusive and limited in quantity. The bonus items you can add, always sell out within a few weeks. Some even the day they come out! I've learned that if I see something I want in the exclusive add ons, I can't wait to purchase it or it'll be gone. Now I have some beautiful items that very few people in Canada and the US have, that makes it valuable to me. This blue beaded bracelet is one of my favourite exclusive bracelets I bought with the Do Good box and if you dont' have it, you can't get it! 


#2 It supports Artisans

The reason I love Color by Amber is because it's supporting artisans in developing countries. Our artisans are paid fair trade wages plus health benefits to make our interlayers for us. Whenever they are asked how we can help them more, our artisans tell us they just want more demand for their product. The Do Good box always contains items from our Full Circle program, so you know you are supporting these artisans. We can even use interlayers in our Do Good box that we have in a limited quantity, because the box is only availble for 6 weeks, compared to 6 months in a catalogue. So that allows us to support even more artisans, particulary artisans who aren't able to produce a large quantity of material. I love the fact that I can look at my jewelry from a Do good box and know that I am helping someone in a developing country provide for their family. 

#1 It Does Good

The number one reason why I love the Do Good box is because it actually does good! Anytime you purchase the box, you get to support one of our initiatives. In 2017, through the Do Good box, we provided 18 560 breakfast meals for elementary children in Nepal. We provided 2559 textbooks for women in Mali to take a literacy course. We also added 2302 items to midwife kits to help train women in Mali. We provided seeds for 2211 women to use in community gardens in Senegal as well as we supported 1771 women in a microsavings program for a year in Senegal. And we provided 1701 days of training for our artisans in Mexico, Nepal and Senegal. I love getting my Do Good box in mail and remembering that I supported one of these causes by purchasing jewelry for myself. I remember the first time I watched this video, I thought to myself, why wouldn't anyone do this?


Do Good Box - The World At Your Doorstep from colorbyamber on Vimeo.


The Do Good box is a win-win situation for everyone! You get new jewelry, someone is able to support their family, and a Do Good initiative is supported. To see our current Do good box check out my website.



About the Contributor

Candice Healing / Executive Stylist

Color By Amber Grande Prairie, AB

Look good, Do Good, Feel good! The best part about what I do, is that I empower women in developing countries by helping them provide for their families! I also help women make an income with a flexible schedule that allows them to have more time to spend with their families or other activities in their lives. I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother and a part time junior high teacher.
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