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5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Norwex Launch Party
by Sandra Hayward

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To get your Norwex business off to a great start it is important to host your own launch party to introduce the amazing products to your family and friends and let them know they are able to purchase from you.




#1  Invitations

If you fear that no one will show up to your party you’re not alone. We all want our Norwex business to be successful, so we start by reaching out to the people in our lives. Start by making your FRANKI list – sit down with a cuppa and create a list of your Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbours, people you know through your Kids and the Internet. This will be your go-to when it comes to booking your launch party.  Be sure to reach out to people on your list 2-3 different ways. Often we rely on social media alone, but we need to remember that not everyone is active there.  Follow up your invitation with a phone call, text message or email to make sure you are reaching all your potential guests.

#2  Timing

Plan to have your launch party soon after receiving your starter kit. Pick a date as soon as you signup – don’t wait until you receive your kit. Also, consider having multiple party options for those who can’t make it to your first party. Consider whether a weekday, weeknight or weekend would most suit your potential guests.

#3  Presentation

Usually, the consultant who introduced you to Norwex will do the presentation at your launch party for you. If not, use the Party Cards to help you and have some fun! If questions come up that you are unsure how to answer don’t worry, let them know you will find out. Most people are understanding, especially when they know that you are new to the business.

 #4  Bookings

Set a goal to book 6 parties with your first 45 days of being a consultant. One or two of those will be your launch party and the rest should come from your FRANKI list. The start of your Norwex business is an exciting time and people will want to support you. Reach out and ask your friends and family to do you a favour by hosting a party. A direct sales business is built on bookings and building relationships, so keep your party fun and relaxed so others will see how easy it is to host a party.

#5  Follow Up

Following up is the key to success in your Norwex business. Whether it is following up with potential party guests, bookings or purchases, your business relies on your follow up.


For more information or to join my team, CONTACT ME ON FACEBOOK or signup here.

About the Contributor

Sandra Hayward / Consultant

Norwex Gold Coast, QLD

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I am a wife and a mum to a teenage boy. I am thankful that I have been able to create a safe haven of my home with the amazing Norwex products. I am passionate about helping others to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in their homes, create financial freedom and a brighter future for themselves, their families and our planet.
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