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5 Ways to Glowing Skin without Spending a Dime!
by Te'Amo Bailey

  • Content Focus:
  • Personal Care,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics,
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  • Tips/Ideas

5 Ways to Glowing Skin Without Spending a Dime

When it comes to skincare, depending on our age, we either ignore or obsess over it. You should consider having a daily regimen at the least, no matter your age. Caring for your skin early on can prevent many issues later in life. We allow factors such as product cost, not being knowledgeable about product use, or busy lives to be challenges and skip the regimen all together. This blog is going to break down 5 ways you can face those challenges head on and begin your journey to glowing skin today.

Drink more water

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had this hate/hate relationship with water over the years. It’s flavorless, boring, and too healthy for you. :P. Of course, now that I’m older I totally understand it’s importance. (Have you ever been hospitalized for dehydration? Just saying) The daily recommended water intake varies based on age, weight, and lifestyle but I’d say start where you can. For me, I can do about 4-5 bottles on a good day, but 2-3 bottles most days. 50%-70% of our body mass is made up of water. Water provides moisture to our skin and delivers nutrients to skin cells to aid in enhancing your complexion, combating skin disorders, and increases elasticity.

Eat less sugar

::insert groan:: Listen, I’m the queen of snacks so I totally understand that look after reading “less sugar”. The rule of thumb is everything in moderation. You don’t have to go on a sugar free diet for the rest of your life. Just be mindful of what you are consuming and begin to wean some things out. Sugar is known to be a cause of inflammation in the body and then releases hormones that trigger acne. I’d say it’s worth cutting back on to avoid these two skincare issues.

Remove makeup before bed

The quickest route to clog your pores with dirt and oil is by forgetting to remove your makeup. You should always remove your makeup before bed but not just with a cloth and water or a makeup remover wipe. Be sure to use a cleanser and moisturize afterwards. Clogged pores will also lead to acne.

 Use a soft facial cloth/towel

Keep in mind that the skin on our face is very delicate, therefore we must take extra special care of it. Swap out your terry cloth face towel for a microfiber cloth. It’s softer and gentler on your skin. When drying your face, be sure to blot rather than rub dry.

 STOP picking  

I know those pesky blackheads and pimples just scream SQUEEZE ME, don’t they? Resist the urge! Picking at your face leads to scarring and continuous picking that becomes a never ending cycle.

Try making these 5 simple changes, trust me, you'll love the results! If you're looking for the ultimate "Glow Up", I'd love to chat with you one on one for a customized skincare consultation.

About the Contributor

Te'Amo Bailey / Romance Vixen

Pure Romance Camden, NJ

I'm Te'Amo, your Romance Vixen! I help busy women rock their romance to improve communication, intimacy, and confidence. Together we will take your romance from a "bland" to BAM!
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