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7 Truths about Customer Care Calling!
by Evelyn Tribble

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What if everything on your To-Do list was something you loved to do?

I was thinking about how challenging New Year’s Resolutions can be.  For example, you could resolve to go to the gym 3 times a week. But if you already love going to the gym, it won’t be hard to do.  I love running outdoors with a group of friends every week.  My friends are there, we get to catch up, it's easy accountability and I feel great afterwards!  I actually have more trouble not running when my friends are there, than I have getting out of bed early in the morning. 

Can you imagine how much easier your business would be if you enjoyed doing everything on your To-Do list?   

Believe it or not, it’s possible.

Think about things in your life you never expected to enjoy doing that you enjoy now.  For example, I never thought I’d say I “enjoy” cleaning — but after a while I actually did enjoy it because not only did Norwex make it easy and fun to clean, but it now gave me the opportunity to relax and enjoy the process. It became therapeutic for me to not talk for a bit and release any unneccesary chemical produced from stress, anger,  and/or the blues from my brain, and put it in the form of productivity by using my hands to clean.  When I first started my business, I didn’t enjoy talking to people about my business — I felt like I had to be pushy and persuasive. Then I learned how to have conversations that put my customers in the spotlight and I began enjoying the conversations (and that’s when my business began to flourish).

How can you intentionally make the shift from dreading a business activity to loving it?  Here’s how: Ask yourself the question, “what could I love about this activity?” And keep asking yourself over and over again to generate lots of ideas. In doing so, I was able to find these 7 Truths about Customer Care Calling~

7 Truths about Customer Care CallinG

  1. I get to find out what my clients love about using our products & repurpose to use on my biz fanpage on facebook
  2. I get to learn more about my clients and what they  enjoy about what they do
  3. It feels good to show someone that I care
  4. I get the opportunity to help them — help them use the product for the first time or help them with new ways to use the product
  5. I get the opportunity to help them get more awesome products by hosting a show or making a purchase
  6. I get the opportunity to send them a video on how to use a product they have already purchased or to introduce a new product to them
  7. I feel good when I check off “customer service calls” from my To-Do List


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

text me the words "ready" to 540-356-3021 and let's connect! 


do you dare to build a dream with Norwex, and come alongside me and allow the norwex opportunity to inspire you to make a significant, meaningful impact in your life?


About the Contributor

Evelyn Tribble / Sales Leader

Norwex Daleville, VA

My mission is to empower moms everywhere to transform their life and discover their courage. As a stay at home momma of 4 boys, with an Accounting degree, I’m passionate about helping other moms who have left their professional careers to help raise their children, help other moms create their Safe Haven, while earning an income. With Norwex, you can fill that need in your terms, around your family & earn a significant income.
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