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8 Awesome Registry Ideas for Your Wedding
by Sara Hoffman

  • Content Focus:
  • Gifts,
  • Household Products,
  • Kitchen/Cooking

8 Awesome Registry Ideas for Your Wedding 

When i got married, many years ago, we registered at Crate and Barrel and at Marshall Field’s (a Chicago department store). We were combining households and had a lot of cooking tools, but it was a good time to upgrade what we had. I felt it was important to have a variety of options for our guests some less expensive and some more expensive, giving our guests as much choice as possible. 
We received many lovely gifts. Most from our registry and some “off script” but equally lovely. It was the year of crystal bowls however, and I did have a few of those to return! One gift in particular stands out. We opened it and could not figure out what exactly it was! The real issue was how to write the thank you note! Although they appeared to be white pillars with a rounded out depression in the tops, we finally decided it must be a pair of candlesticks. So that is what we thanked them for! Well, a few years later some friends told us that their parents were tickled to have received the note as they weren’t candlesticks, they were egg cups! Now we giggle over that mistaken identity, and tell the story frequently! 

Why do a Wedding Registry?  

Many engaged Millennials have been choosing not to create a gift registry and instead ask for cash for bigger items such as furniture or travel experiences. While this is totally practical, they may be omitting a segment of their wedding guests who prefer to give an actual, individual gift to the couple. These people will tend to go off script and send a gift that isn’t needed or wanted. Then the couple is faced with the inconvenience of returning said unwanted items or worse yet, storing them to be brought out when the giver comes to visit! 
When my husband and I got married 30 years ago, there wasn’t much choice in how to register for gifts. You went to the local department store, and maybe, Crate and Barrel.
My advice is to register for the things you actually want or need thus reducing the risk of receiving gifts you haven’t asked for! PLUS this is the Perfect time to upgrade your household items. Friends and family are generous with wedding gifts and you can improve the quality of things you use a lot that may be worn.
There are many stores and websites which offer this service.  You can share the links on one website such as The Knot or Minted which most couples include in their wedding invitation as it holds all the background info about the wedding.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for gift registries

Hardware/Home Improvements  
What household doesn’t need a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, drill, vacuum cleaner, paint roller and brushes? How cool to register for these items along with a neat tool box? Don’t forget the lawnmower, hose and gardening tools if you own a home!

Group gifting may come into play on this one, but it sure is nice to settle into the couch for some snuggling, video and tunes!

We got a canoe for a wedding gift! If you’re an outdoors couple, think of the great gear you can register for that will last a long time! I recently sent stainless plates, bowls and utensils for camping to a lucky couple and my thought was, why didn’t I think of this when I got married?! 
Yes, you can actually register with a wine shop! They are so knowledgeable and helpful!
A place like the Container Store has so many great options available and you will need storage containers that fit your decor and space needs.

You can get cushy new towels, luxurious sheets and fluffy pillows! It’s ok! People love to give them as gifts!

For the honeymoon and beyond!
Charity and Kitchen Goods!  
Ever consider tying your wedding registry to your favorite charitable organization? What a great way to give your guests a chance to celebrate your marriage while at the same time supporting a meaningful charity!
One of my recent Pampered Chef clients raised almost $300 for her favorite charity while stocking her new kitchen! The guests were so excited to be able to do double duty with their gift.
Choice is Key
Choose to register at more than two places because it is unlikely that you will find everything you want at one store or website. No matter where you decide to register, be sure your list has a variety of items and prices. Some guests will choose multiple items to reach a certain budgeted amount and some will want just one item affordable in their budget. The key here is choice for your guests and you!  If you register with enough great options, you reduce the possibility of returning unwanted gifts, saving you time in the long run!
To learn more about creating a registry with Pampered Chef, contact   Sara Hoffman
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About the Contributor

Sara Hoffman / Team Leader

Pampered Chef Chicago, IL

As an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef, I simplify, improve and reinvent the cooking experience. I love sharing cooking tips, product knowledge and recipes to help you spend less time in the kitchen so you can spend more time around the table building relationships with family and friends.
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