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A Daily Skincare Routine: 3 Basic Steps in 5 Minutes
by Cheryl Fanella

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Personal Care,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

When did skincare become so complicated? Finding one’s perfect daily routine can seem overwhelming without the proper roadmap. So, let's spend a few minutes together and get clear about what an effective skincare routine should include and how much time is really required for radiant skin at any age.

Before we start sampling products with a consultant, online, thru a catalog, or at the beauty department, it’s essential  to know your skin type. Labelling our type is not a "once and done" occasion. Skin changes due to a number of different factors, such as seasonal weather, hormone balance/imbalance, medications, diet, and maturity. It's important to evaluate your skin type on a regular basis.

Need help discovering your skin type? Just type, "Help Me!" here.


Once you're clear about your type, we're ready to enter the fun part: putting together a skincare routine that makes you feel excited to jump out of bed and take care of your beautiful self!

 The Daily Basics - 3 Steps in 5 Minutes

Gone are the pre-puberty days when we could simply splash some water on our faces and go. But, this doesn't mean we need to clutter the bathroom counter with endless steps or schedule long periods of time to pamper ourselves. Here is a basic plan every woman should have in place for her daily routine.

Step 1:  Gentle Cleanser

When it’s time to wash the daily stress, pollutants, and activities away, a good cleanser is our first “must have”. A cleanser should be strong enough to remove the most stubborn makeup products, but gentle enough not to stress the skin. If the skin feels “squeaky clean’ or taunt after washing, the cleanser may be too harsh.  Continuing to use a harsh cleanser can lead to a host of undesirable issues, including dry patches, breakouts, redness, and the increased appearance of fine lines. It’s best to select a cleanser that uses non-harsh or drying ingredients, and instead relies on skin loving botanical oils and extracts.

Not sure what harsh ingredients to avoid?  Type "12" here to receive my handy "Top 12 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Personal Care" list. 


Step 2: Hydrating Facial Mist

More than just filtered water in a pretty spray bottle, hydrating facial mists serve an important function in a good skincare routine.  A quality mist will have hydrating ingredients, such as botanical blends and essential oils, and eliminates drying agents, such as alcohol. By adding hydration, skin is better able to utilize the amazing benefits found in your moisturizer.  Mists also help remove any last traces of oil, dirt, or makeup, keeping pores clear and helping them appear smaller.


Step 3: Moisturize


Every skin type needs a loving moisturizer – even oily skin!  A moisturizer formulated for your skin type maintains the skin’s glowing appearance. A lifetime of daily hydration helps you avoid prolonged and damaging dryness, fine lines, and a rough texture.


And there we have it.  A simple, 3-step routine that only takes minutes a day.  Using a natural, 3-step routine over a period of time will also allow your skin to show its truest nature.  Once your skin reveals itself and its actual needs, you will feel empowered to explore other steps that address more specific concerns, such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or breakouts.  In the next article, we’ll explore specific circumstances that could warrant adding steps and how to get the most out of such products as scrubs, masks, eye creams, or serums.

Do you have questions about the basic 3-step routine?  Leave them in the comments below.  Or, let's invite a few friends to a private conversation, and together we can explore how to make a habit of good skincare that leaves you feeling confident and empowered! 


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About the Contributor

Cheryl Fanella / Lemongrass Spa Senior Sales Consultant

Lemongrass Spa Cheyenne, WY

I'm a vibrant wife, mother, business owner and community leader. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and sharing ideas with other busy moms. My goal is to create a community dedicated to talking about ways to save time, money, simplify living spaces, and the "how-to's" to successfully switching to fresh, clean, and natural personal care products . There's so much to enjoy!
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