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Acne, Oh Acne!
by Lori Jacobsen

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Personal Care,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

Acne. Yep, it's a  4 letter word, another one.  The reasons why we get acne are as simple and  yet, complicated as the solution to rid our skin of these pesky breakouts!  Most people find these breakouts quite bothersome no matter what their age.  Here are some common triggers to acne.

1.  Hormones...raging in all their glory from teen years to mid-adult. Balancing hormones is certainly not an easy task.

2. Not drinking enough water. The water that we drink  flushes out the toxins that our body is trying to hold on to.  So drink up for clearer skin!

3.  Touching your face. Constantly touching the area that is breaking out actually makes the acne worse because our fingers are full of polluntants  as well. Don't touch, and Don't pick!

4. Speaking of screens are horrible bacteria breeding grounds. Clean your screen daily!

5.  Washcloths should be changed daily and pillowcases should be changed weekly to prevent the build up of oils and bacteria from spreading all over your face.

Now let's talk about how to treat this acne! 

  1. Choose a cleanser specially formulated for acne. Using salycylic acid will help clear up the acne sores. Other acne fighting ingrients may not be as safe for you, and may actually be too harsh for the rest of your skin.
  2. Clean your face gently, as trauma to the acne breakouts may worsen the acne or cause scarring. When washing your face, use your hands, as any terrycloth or other scrubbing material may cause acne sores to rupture. So instead of scrubbing with a washcloth, just splash with lukewarm water.
  3. You want to use only light, non-comedogenic moisturizer, which will not aggravate acne. Zero shine not only is oil-free, but also contains the salycylic acid to continue fighting your battle during the day.
  4. If you wear makeup, use an oil-free foundation. Heavy makeup or other cosmetic products that block pores may cause a flare-up of acne.I would suggest instead of foundation, to use our Face-the-Day tinted SPF primer. The tint helps it to provide a bit of coverage, while there are also ingredients that will continue to fight the acne.
  5. A spot treatment, like our Take Action Acne pen, also is great at combatting those pesky spots. I like to keep one in my bag and in my desk for when those breakouts pop out at anytime. The sooner you treat, the less severe and length the spot may be.
  6. Flashback is a gycolic peel that is showing great benefits to those that are fighting acne scarring. It works not only topically to exfoliate the skin, but goes deep down within the pore to help regerate and form new skin cells. 

You can learn more about these products here.   

I'd love to help you discover the right products for your desired needs.

About the Contributor

Lori Jacobsen / Senior Team Manager

Willing Beauty Kearney, MO

I am committed to helping others life their best life. Our appearance effects so many of our relationships. I use my education background to help others learn more about creating a life they love!
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