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Chocolate for Dinner
by Jennifer Pierce

  • Content Focus:
  • Food/Beverages/Gourmet,
  • Kitchen/Cooking,
  • Content Type:
  • Recipe

Are you looking for a new dinner recipe?  Would you like a change from the same, old, boring, meals?   The Cocoa Exchange has the answers you're looking for!  Our expert, professional chefs have created   a line of sauces and seasonings to spice up your dinner routine!    What makes them special?  First, these products all contain chocolate or cocoa!!  WHAT?!?   Second, they are practically fool proof.  No cooking experience needed to use these products!  I don't even measure!  Just pour some into the pan or sprinkle over your food, and Voila!  there's a gourmet meal!    You can eat gourmet everyday!  Honestly, it's that simple.  We call these sauces "Meal Starters".  But they should be called meal starters and finishers!  Just put some meat in a pan, pour a sauce on top, and cook it.  DONE!  Perfect for quick, weekday meals that your family will love.  Imagine spending more time at the dinner table with your family instead of slaving over a hot stove.  When is the last time your family raved over a meal you cooked?  They'll think you worked on these meals for hours!  (It'll be our secret.) 

I create one of these simple recipes every Friday and do a live Facebook video!  You can follow me at 

Check out this video of me making Teriyaki Steak and Pineapple Fried Rice....


So easy!   Dinner is done in just 15 minutes!  

Salt & pepper your steak.  Brush on some TCE Ginger Orange Teriyaki Sauce and saute to desired doneness.  

Meanwhile,  saute  1/2 cup scallions, 1/2 cup diced carrots, 1/2 diced red bell pepper, and 2 minced garlic cloves.  Add Uncle Ben's Jasmine Ready Rice  & 1/3 cup TCE Roasted Pinapple and Pepper Chutney.  Cook on high 3-5 minutes.  

Plate and Enjoy!! 

(Sorry,  I forgot to get pictures of the steak before we started eating!  LOL)

Check out all the Meal Starters    HERE! 

To purchase these or other products from The Cocoa Exchange, please visit  or contact Jenn Pierce, The Cocoa Queen at 240-821-3009 or


About the Contributor

Jennifer Pierce / Cocoa Queen

The Cocoa Exchange Hagerstown, MD

Hi! I'm Jenn, the Cocoa Queen! I have a blast sharing chocolate with new friends at in-home tasting parties! From Chocolate Martinis to Chocolate Hot Sauce, there is truly something for everyone. This benefits of this company are endless: free luxury vacations, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, backed by billion-dollar Mars, Inc., and tons of support. Is it work if you are having this much fun?
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