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Christina's L'BRI Life - JANUARY 2020
by Christina Wiedmeyer

  • Content Type:
  • Demo,
  • Education/Information,
  • Content Focus:
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

It's a new year... and a new decade!

At this time, many of you are maybe making resolutions to improve something about your life....

Maybe it's losing weight, working out more, eating healthier, drinking more water, or maybe food prepping....i love to do that. It makes such a difference with what we grab for snacks when we have health options already prepared. It helps us eat less granola bars , fig bars, fruit snacks, etc . B eing prepared makes a huge difference in all aspects of life.  Whatever you are working on to improve your health, I hope you stick with it and find a new normal that is healthier and makes you happier. 

Health comes in all different forms. Healthy skin and hair  is important to  being your best self and it is SO SO EASY to have healthy skin compared to anything else. I mean, you are washing, exfoliating,'s not complicated. It's not time consuming. It's not depriving. It's not exhausting.

It is So. So. Easy.

So let me make it even easier and affordable by telling you it's all on sale & I can walk you through what you need and how to use it. Either here at my house, at your house, or watch me online. I will tell you everything you need for your skin type and  how to use it and how to fix any issues you have.

SIMPLE. Effective. Affordable.Healthy.

L'BRI is a dream come true for a healthier you :)

Here's a 5 Step Facial How To Video



Here's a 3 Step Facial How To Video

(No Exfoliating and No Eye Product in this one)



 Here comes the sales...

Cleansers, Fresheners, Moisturizers

Oily and blemished skin packages that include the Clay Masque and the KlearAway 

Also a great time to stock up on Aloe Jelly & Intense Moisture Cream if you use those for more than just facial moisturizing

Aloe Jelly and it's amazing uses are in its own article


When your order is $65+, you always get Free Shipping and a Free Sample of your choice

THIS month you also get a FREE Body Wash of your choice when your order is $94+




Maybe you want to join me and have your own little biz that you can work whenever you want

If you are even remotely considering it, you need to check out this blog article on if it may be for you, or just call me

Bonus Hair Package this month too. 

Look at all of the stuff you get. It's an amazing deal and the flexibility is even more amazing.


If you want more info, ask me, or go to " " and look around :)





Is DRY SKIN an issue for you or someone you know?
Watch this video and give me a call



 If you love these products and you love Free then you should have a show with me!

It is easy, fun, you'll learn a lot, your friends will love it, and you will get lots for free
Oh Yeah, I have a blog article on how to be an amazing hostess....


Plus I have my own PERSONAL Referral Program in place

for those that take the time to recommend me to a friend

It is the highest honor when you trust me to help your friends


Did you know?? You can send this newsletter link to your friend? 

Anyone with internet can view this article and all other articles on my blog





Have you heard about the 'TRUTH ABOUT SKINCARE' Live Facebook event?

L'BRI Corporate Facebook page

Monday January 13th at 8PM CT
You need to register (super easy) and there will be a spot on the registration where it asks who referred you (that's me! Christina Wiedmeyer)

If you win, I win too because I referred you

If you invite a friend, they must register to be eligible to win...if they win, YOU win too.

So the more people you invite, the more likely you are to win.

If you can't watch it live, STILL REGISTER because you will still be able to watch it later AND still be eligible for some of the offers.

Got it?!

What are they giving away? Well I don't know exact products, but they are Linda's Favs so I have my guesses

Oh yeah, Linda Kaminski, the founder of L'BRI, will be on the LIVE

L'BRI is giving away ONE HUNDRED packages worth $100 each

If that link didn't take you to the registration, ASK me for the link!

And below, is the link to the Facebook event. IF this link doesn't work, ASK me for this one too ;)









 Reach out to me anytime


Phone: Call or Text 920.207.2627

I now also have a business phone number you can text...

ASK me for my number if you haven't heard about this!!

Find me on Facebook

Shop here: " "

Look around my Blog for more articles

Thanks for reading. Go make today amazing!


About the Contributor

Christina Wiedmeyer / Supervisor


Welcome! I'm Christina...A mom, wife, and skincare specialist. I used to teach high school I teach natural skincare! I love all things natural and healthy. Come and learn more!
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