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Christina's L'BRI Life - JULY 2019
by Christina Wiedmeyer

  • Content Type:
  • Education/Information,
  • How-To,
  • Testimonial

We went from a cold and rainy start to summer.... to HOT and DRY.

As I'm writing this, a storm just came through with much needed rain and a drop in temperature. I like our variety of weather here in WI  - we get some of everything and it can change quite quickly! I've learned from little on, BE Prepared!

We've been outside and swimming almost daily this summer, so I thought you could use some...

Summer Tips to healthy Skin

TIP #1


DRINK lots of water!!

And Extra Water if you are drinking alcohol by the beach ;) 
Act like a kid, and EAT foods like Cucumbers and Watermelon, that are LOADED with water to hydrate you



TIP #2

Switch Moisturizers

Many people swap out their moisturizers with the seasons so let me know if you are feeling a bit too greasy or sweating too much with your current moisturizer, talk to me. I switch to Aloe Jelly for the summer. That may be great for you but a different switch may be what you need.


TIP #3

Protect yourself from the sun

Protect your Face and Lips, the rest of your body, and of course your kids from the sun. Don't forget their ears and head if they part their hair in the same spot ;) 
Hit the shade when you can, wear a hat (or my fav, a visor), and when you are in the sun, use SUNSCREEN. We have GREAT choices for your face, body, and lips, and as always, these products are SAFE for you and for your KIDS!!

More about sunscreens in my SUMMER blog HERE

Please don't think that just because it's cloudy that you don't need sunscreen!

TIP #4

ALOE JELLY is your Friend

If you get burned, Aloe Jelly will rescue you! I promise. It's REAL Aloe from the INSIDE of the plant where all the nutrients are. It is not the GREEN ALOE at the store that claims to soothe sunburn. Check out that LABEL-EWWW! Why is it green? Artificial dye of course. There might be a little aloe in there but not much and I wouldn't trust the quality. Look at all the other chemicals in there. Really! Next time you are at the store, look at the label. Be disgusted with me ;) 

Besides aiding in burn, the Aloe Jelly will help bring the swelling down from a bug bite/sting, lessen the pain and itch. Plus it has so many other uses. Check them out here: 

Aloe Jelly Article Here

Best Way to Fight the BUGS Article Here


TIP #5


Gently remove the Dry, Dull, tough skin by exfoliating! Get the right one for you-ask me what is best for your face and body.

After you exfoliate, your skin will be ready for some moisture. Feed your skin the healing power of aloe plus other vitamins that nourish and drench your skin with our moisturizers. Again, ask which will be best for you. 

We have many products to exfoliate and even more to moisturize.




It's Stock up time in July (and January for future reference;) 

Now is a great time to stock up on the basics....cleansing and moisturizing.

Cleansers, Fresheners, Moisturizers (we call them TRIOS) are on sale.

Remember always free shipping when you spend $65+

And a Free Bag this month with orders $80+

Here's the sale flyer with details below



Check out this video where I explain how to use a TRIO plus HOW these products are truly like NOTHING else. I even wasted some money on some visuals to show you products you can get from the store and even if they claim to be healthy, you must dig deeper and look at the label.

Oh and L'BRI is not any more expensive than the JUNK you will find at the store. This is truly remarkable. You are getting a completely different product with L'BRI, that works well because it isn't filled with chemicals and water-it's filled with nutrition for your skin.... (Just like your body operates better when it's fueled by healthy nutrients instead of junk food filled with chemicals, sugar, etc, your skin looks and feels better when it is 'fed' properly too!!)...yet with L'BRI you are NOT paying any more than you are for the junk! Watch my video to learn more!!

And if you have a friend, sister, mom, daughter, etc that thinks L'BRI is expensive, PLEASE educate them and save their skin and their money!

WATCH the Video here



This is my hands directly following the above video to show a difference from ONE application on my hands

Look for COLOR difference and DRYness difference

Which would you prefer? 

This is how L'BRI can change your hands, arms, legs, and FACE

all while being safe enough to use on your babies....TRULY Safe

This customer is not happy she went with something other than L'BRI. 

I don't think she'll do it again!!


Did you see a Blogger was gushing about our Shampoo & Conditioner and Hair masque?

The Sun, Humidity, Chlorine can damage your hair....maybe you've seen some of this happening with your hair this summer.

Read this Hair BLOG by the sensibleshopaholic

and here are a couple thoughts from customers



Let's see why people use L'BRI...






NEW Products!

I will be at NATIONAL CONVENTION soon and I will let you know what is new at L'BRI


Random Tip for you so you don't waste a drop ;)




Get a few friends together in your home or mine or online, and let me teach them about this amazing skincare




Get this 5 PIECE SET* !!! (117.95 value) Plus the hundreds in credit!

*TRIO + Eye Cream from L'BRI. Peel is from ME :)



Reach me at 920.207.2627 Call or Text


If you aren't already in my VIP group, here is the link to come on in

Private VIP Group on Facebook


About the Contributor

Christina Wiedmeyer / Supervisor


Welcome! I'm Christina...A mom, wife, and skincare specialist. I used to teach high school I teach natural skincare! I love all things natural and healthy. Come and learn more!
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