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Christina's L'BRI Life - JUNE 2019
by Christina Wiedmeyer

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  • Before/After,
  • Testimonial,
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  • Skincare/Cosmetics

Summer is here!

Though sometimes here in WI, it's not really feeling like summer.

It's been much colder than average...but we are kind of used to it after the winter and spring we had...both  colder and wetter than average.


With all of this wettness, be prepared for the BUGS, especially the mosquitos. 

Look HERE for my blog article on how you can REPEL the  bugs with L'BRI products you already have in your home. And, how to soothe your skin  if you do get bit or stung.

No matter the weather or the bugs, I am so thankful to have everyone in my family healthy. Last year at this time we were just returning from our week stay at children's hospital, dealing with a septic infection and healing from surgery, learning to walk w/o assistance, mediation 24/7 via a PICC line (with STRONG medicine)  and a super looooong road to recovery. So this year, we are incredibly thankful for all the memories we are now making as we vow to make up for the lack of summer last year.  And of course we are thankful for a Complete Recovery.


Are you ready for the sun with the  right sunscreen? Protect your skin from the harmful rays, while still enjoying your time outside. Look HERE for my blog article on summer products. Our NEW Sunscreen is so incredibly heathly for both your family and for the marine life. Certain beaches don't allow most sunscreens...even those that CLAIM to be healthy. Ours is the REAL healthy deal and is approved!



What's on Sale this month for June?

Summer Products of course!! :)





Aloe Jelly is so so versatile....that it deserves its own   blog article.







Hostess Interview



Did you see what L'BRI is giving you when you Host in JULY?

A TRIO of Choice for your skin

(Cleanse and moisturize your face for at least 6 months with that Trio)

Plus an EYE Cream

***$100 value***

I WILL ADD to that ... the PEEL!!
That will give you a FULL SET of skincare for at least 6 you can look and feel your best

Of course you'll still get $100-$400 in Credit, Half-offs, $75 more credit for each friend that books off of your show...and potentially MORE



 HOW can you get all of this?

It's really quite simple!

What you must have is a love for the products

Your friends are trying what you recommend so if you love the products, they are very likely to try some or all of what you love.

You have many party options: MY HOUSE, YOUR HOUSE, My DECK, ONLINE, even in a restaurant...or elsewhere - be creative

Focus on: Feet, Face, Hands, Makeup, Anti-Aging, or a combination of these

Have a Theme - or - Don't have a Theme

So many possibilities to share the products you love with friends and, in return, get FREE stuff for yourself.

YOU COULD EVEN SHARE YOUR FREE STUFF with your Friends... if you are that kind of person that just feels guilty for getting all of that FREE stuff

I had a show like this before and it was WELL attended - everyone got a free product that ordered

Why does L'BRI offer so much free? It's their form of advertising. They don't spend millions on Commercials during the Super Bowl. They aren't on billboards. They invest in YOU when you share and in ME as a consultant to help me get more business when I have a show.


PS I take care of your friends. I make sure they get what will help their skin. I get them a Free Sample. I get them a Free Gift with $100 purchase...I have at LEAST one giveaway at the show (FULL SIZE Product) 


If you don't want to have a show and you prefer to BUY a TRIO, now is a good time

If you have been around me for awhile you may know this, but if you are new or just need a refresher....SALEs come out for the next month on the 26th of the month. So JULY Sales are announced (and Begin!) on June 26th. That means you can shop from both June sales and July sales on June 26th through the end of the month. We call that DOUBLE DIP time.  And if you follow sales, watch for a sale at pretty much every holiday! Occasionally there isn't one, but it is pretty rare.


So....Speaking of July Sales...Here they are! 

TRIOs and their individual pieces are on sale. 

This is all the basics to wash and moisturize your face.

The Basics, the oh so important basics. These touch your face TWICE a day, everyday. They are incredibly affordable as they last at least 6 months. They will make the biggest impact on the health of your skin because they touch your skin so frequently. And you have time! You have 1-2 minutes to care for your skin, on this ONE face you are given! (I have a video you can watch to see how quickly and easily I can wash my face;) This is important, effective, affordable, and quick.  When I first started on these products over 11 years ago, THIS, the TRIO, is what I started on. I got a couple extras, but the trio is the only thing I consistently did at the very beginning. (baby steps;) 
PS: Think of your kids too. Are they at the age of starting to wash their face? Get the healthy stuff right away for them! I wish I knew about these products when I was a teenager and maybe you do too.

I can help with acne if that's an issue for them. Please please don't put them on medication for acne without trying this first. I know exactly what they should try-I feel like I'm somewhat of an acne expert with as much as I have personally had;)

We call this sale the stock up sale and it has (in my almost 5 years as a consultant) always been the sale for July and January. So you can plan on stocking up at those times.

BONUS for orders $80+


If you already use a trio and you are doing well with it, carry on. 

If you have never used a Trio before, PLEASE do not just guess on what to order. Let me help guide you with the right one for your skin. I have experience with this - and I know it is important to get the right products - so reach out before ordering.



As always, if ordering is not your thing, just ask me to place your order for you.

I'd love to help you save some time! 




Here's a customer's testimonial

These images are of her broken out chin after she took a very brief break from L'BRI because she ran out of product

Read what she says below

She was so embarrased, she asked that I not release her name.

Don't worry, she now has her good lotion again



If you can't have a show, but you refer a friend to me, you will get CREDIT if they order, host, or join think about a friend you know would LOVE to heal her/his skin (I have male customers too!)



Reach out Anytime

Many Blessings to You

Call or Text: 920.207.2627

Quick Shop Link:


Visit my Private VIP Group on Facebook 

Visit my Biz Page on Facebook


About the Contributor

Christina Wiedmeyer / Supervisor


Welcome! I'm Christina...A mom, wife, and skincare specialist. I used to teach high school I teach natural skincare! I love all things natural and healthy. Come and learn more!
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