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Christmas Gifts for Everyone
by Jennifer Pierce

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  • Food/Beverages/Gourmet,
  • Gifts,
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  • Shopping

The malls, the crowds, the parking,  the noise, and all the presents!  It's a headache!!   The holiday season is upon us complete with bows and traffic.   I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays.  I love the food, friends, and festivities.  But I hate the crowds, expenses, and boring gifts.    I get so tired of the same old stuff.  Sweaters and ties ; BLAH!    This Christmas, why not delight your friends and family with premium, unique gifts from The Cocoa Exchange?    I've gathered some of my favorite gift ideas below, so scroll down to find the perfect item for your special someone...


For  DAD: 

A White Chocolate Hot Sauce Gift Set complete with a trio of mild, medium, and hot sauces plus a recipe booklet.  This gift is sure to heat up the holidays!

Hot Sauce Trio 



A chocolate caramel dream come true!  This set includes four of our favorites:  Pumpkin Caramel Grahams, Cappuccino Caramel S'mores, Caramel Macciato Toffee, and Sea Salted Caramels.  

Caramel Lovers Gift Set


For Christmas Morning:

Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Scone Mix and Raspberry Amaretto Preserves will impress all your guests on Christmas morning!  It also makes a beautiful gift for that special person who is hard to shop for!  Under $25, it's a steal!! 

Scone Mix and Preserves


For Teachers and Neighbors:

Premium Chocolate Bars that you won't find in stores!  You have a lot of teachers, coaches, and neighbors to shop for, but you really don't want to spend a lot.  Divide up this Bar Library into 5 small gifts for only $5 each!  

Flavor Flight Chocolate Bar Set

For the Wine Lover: 

This Wine and Chocolate Pairing Set will have your wine lover running to the cellar for another bottle.  Chocolate, Raspberry, Espresso, and Warm Spice Dark Chocolate Rounds accompany a Pairing Guide in this unique gift under $50!

 Chocolate and Wine Pairing


For The Baker: 

White Chocolate Blondie Mix & Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix

Grandma will be dying to get into the kitchen to make these tasty treats from our Dove Signature line!   The grandkids will have such a great time making the recipe for Brownie Pizza!!

Brownie & Blondie Mix


For Your Girlfriend:

Dove Signature Chocolate Martini Mix is THE gift this year!  If you are lucky, maybe she will share with you!  Pair this with a bottle of vodka and two glasses to encourage her to open it up and share right away.  And it's in the under $25 gift category!Chocolate Martini Mix


All these delicious gifts and more can be found at or by contacting Jenn Pierce, the Cocoa Queen, at 240-821-3009 or

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About the Contributor

Jennifer Pierce / Cocoa Queen

The Cocoa Exchange Hagerstown, MD

Hi! I'm Jenn, the Cocoa Queen! I have a blast sharing chocolate with new friends at in-home tasting parties! From Chocolate Martinis to Chocolate Hot Sauce, there is truly something for everyone. This benefits of this company are endless: free luxury vacations, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, backed by billion-dollar Mars, Inc., and tons of support. Is it work if you are having this much fun?
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