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Customer Testimonials
by Shelli Reichardt Auger

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  • Testimonial


Actual Customers, In their own words... 

"I never knew my body needed HGH until the first time I used it and it started to change my life.   The HGH somaderm gel had me sleeping deeply since the first application!   After a few weeks of continues use I noticed my mood was a little better and no sign of PMS, it has started balancing my hormones!  Then I noticed an increase of natural energy and no 4pm adrenal crash.   As a mom of three children this is necessary!   I suffer from migraine headaches and have for six years- with the HGH I haven’t had a migraine for over 2 months!    I never leave home without it. And this is 48 with NewULife HGH Gel. All I can say is that I have never felt better. My eyebrows are filling in, hair is fuller with less gray, my skin is radiant and youthful, I'm sleeping through the night, and my energy is through the roof. I've only been using the NewULife HGH Gel since mid December, and looking so forward to seeing what's ahead for my health in the months to come."


"My 81 year old dad has been on the gel 2.5 months . He has neuropathy , spinal stenosis BAD , had 4 back surgeries , neck surgery , open heart surgery , 2 knee replacements , stroke . 9 years of operations .... Need I go on ?? 

We can't make medical claims , but here's his results so far :

~Sleeps like a rock (pain would keep him up )
~Less pain in legs ( this is his major complaint ... he has to use a cane / walker to ambulate and the pain is debilitating )
~Increased muscle mass in his biceps and arms which he desperately needs and he can't work out so this is huge 
~Improved mood

My dad is a huge skeptic and not a complainer or one to tell you if something works. I came home to visit for Fathers Day and the first thing he told me was his arms are stronger and he was so excited to report it .. this gel is a game changer . To see my 81 yr old dad make improvements at this stage in his life is all I need."


"Say GOOD BYE glasses! I am shocked! I heard that this gel helps with eyesight and now I know it to be true! A year ago I got both contact lenses and glasses. I had worn a contact for mano-vision but when I got my new job it didn’t work because my screens were just a bit too far and my back got sore leaning over all day. I finally thought I would try it again today and I CAN READ the print again! So flipping jazzed!"


"After 6 weeks on this product I’ve lost 14# and am sleeping like a baby and having some very vivid dreams. As a board certified Antiaging and Sports Medicine physician I was very skeptical that this microdosing product could produce any results! Needless to say, I’m now sharing this with my clients, friends and family and am very pleased with the results. This is the real deal. Do not hesitate to get on board with the product and this once in a lifetime financial opportunity!"


"We’ve been using the product for 10 weeks now and the results are great. Within the first week we noticed vivid dreams and by week 2 much better sleep. The third week, energy and stamina were much greater throughout the day along with less back aches when getting out of bed. Fast forward to today, energy through the roof along with uninterrupted 6 – 7 hours of sleep each night. Increased stamina and energy along with hair thickening and some new hair growth in a bald spot on the back of my head. We could not be more pleased using just ONE product for all these different results. Cannot wait for additional improvements over the coming months..."


"Plantar fasciitis in foot gone; deep sleep; much better recovery after heavy labor at work, looking much more muscular, lean and defined especially in the abdominal area. Sleeping very deeply, increased energy, facial skin is more youthful looking, hair is thicker and healthier, lost 7 pounds, mental acuity is improved, fingernails are much stronger, perimenopause symptoms are dissipating, mood is elevated and I'm never getting off of this stuff!" 


"I was very skeptical when I first heard about this product. I didn't think it would work or I thought it was another pre-cursor like so many others out there. When I found out it was real HGH ( somatropin ) and it could get into the bloodstream with a transdermal application I became very intrigued. I realized that the micro-dosing strategy was safe to use and I understood it would gradually increase my HGH levels over a 6 month period of time. I began to notice much better sleep in as short as 14 days of use. The arthritis pain in my right shoulder began to lessen after about 1 month and my energy level and mental clarity were significantly improved by the 8-week point. I am very excited about how much improvement in my overall health I will experience once I have the full impact of this micro dosing approach in 6 months. I highly recommend this product to everyone over 30 that is starting to experience any signs of aging."


"I’m 55 and have felt so much older for sooooo long til SOMADERM was introduced to me. I’ve had 4 back surgeries and have arthritis in both knees. I have lived on Advil for the last 14 years. READY? No Advil . Change of life, has me with  major hot flashes, severe hair loss and thinning hair. Chubby belly, wrinkled and blotchy skin. Now, hair is thicker ( proven by hairdressers reaction because they know every hair on your head), hot flashes, not completely gone but by 90%, belly shrinking. My skin looks and feels amazing! haven't slept thru the night in many years.  I SLEEP NOW! Hallelujah! 6-7 hours a night. I may get up to use the bathroom but go right back to sleep. This gel, is a miracle in a bottle and has changed my life."


"I’ve been on my Somaderm (HGH) gel for approx 3 weeks, and the results are nothing short of amazing! My already thick hair is thicker, there is NO PAIN in a shoulder (that would awaken me at night) I injured years ago, I sleep through the night like a dead man, my energy levels are up quite a bit, and this is what surprised me the most... As I am a Type-1 diabetic, the leg hair on the exterior portion of my calves has been gone for decades. Well, guess what? IT’S GROWING BACK! I’m clipping my nails twice a week instead of just once, my skin is more youthful, the little bit of belly I was beginning to sport is shrinking, and my mood that was already generally upbeat is even better! My wife is happier to in the bedroom. wink wink..."


"I was diagnosed with an a thyroid condition and adrenal issues about a year ago. I have been on a supplement plan and restricted diet under a specialist care. It has been helping but I was still very tired and emotional. I started the gel a month ago....WOWZERS....
I feel like my old self. I am happy...I am not tired...I could cry...I am so amazed how much has changed me, for the better. Everyone needs this gel."


"My 83-year-old Mom, who has a lot of difficulty getting around, informed me yesterday that after using the gel for about a month, she is once again able to lift her legs high enough to put her socks on. Doesn't sound like much, but she is quite pleased."



About the Contributor

Shelli Reichardt Auger / Independent Distributor

New U Life Roseville, CA

I am a wife, mom, gramma and a Direct Sales enthusiast! I love nature, baking, gardening, biking, hiking, health, wellness & fitness, spending time with my family and cheering my grandkids on at their sporting events. I love helping others see their true potential and to share my 37 years of experience in the Direct Selling industry. My passion comes from building relationships and helping others achieve their goals and dreams!
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