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Direct Sales? Me? No way! My Beautycounter Story
by Shelley Spicher

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Have you ever found yourself saying “this is not how I envisioned my life to be?”

That was me as I turned 40 and found myself as a single mom with a 2 ½ year old, living with my parents again.  I was very grateful to have my parents to provide a place for Nash and me, but I must say it was an embarrassing time for me.  During the 10 months we lived with my parents, I continued to work my full-time job and save some money so we could find our own place to live. Once we moved into our home, I had to find a second job to make ends meet.  That meant working in the evenings and on weekends.  It was so frustrating knowing that my full-time job wasn’t enough to support the two of us.


Then there was the guilt.

Then there was the guilt.  I felt guilty for being away from my son and relying on my parents more to watch Nash.  Because I knew I was missing out on so much with Nash, I made the decision to quit my second job.  And over the next few years, I struggled financially.  It kept me awake at night wondering how I was going to pay my bills. 

The stress and lack of sleep began showing on the outside.  I had raccoon eyes and oh my, the fine lines and wrinkles were really starting to set in.  Others began to notice.  They began asking me if I was out all night or if I had gotten punched as it looked like I had a few shiners.  I knew I had to do something.  So I began searching for a way to make me not look so tired and beaten up! There was no home remedy or product I found to help (and trust me I searched hi-lo).


The Beautycounter Party Invitation

Then in March 2016, a good friend of mine invited me to a Beautycounter party.  I wasn’t going to go as I wasn’t into much of these home party deals.  But my friend convinced me that I needed to get out and she thought I would find this company interesting.

The party was so much fun and a much needed night out for me!  And the company was very interesting.  I learned things that even as health educator I didn’t know.  I will spare you the details, but you can check out my blog here on what I did learn:  What's in Your Personal Care Products? 



I saw the connection...

I am happy to say that I did find the products I was looking for to help with my raccoon eyes and the fine lines and wrinkles!  But more importantly, I saw the connection I needed to make extra money without working outside the home.  Yes, it was a direct sales company, something I would never be part of!  But I learned that just by having conversations with my friends and their friends was all I needed to do to make this work.

Fast forward 2 years later and I am able to sleep at night knowing my bills are paid.  And the best part, my son and I are now able to do the things we enjoy creating memories of a lifetime.

One party, that I had no intentions on going to, has changed my life in so many ways.  Not only did it change my life financially, but emotionally as well.  It has reignited a fire in me I forgot I had.  Giving me a sense of purpose in life and fulfilling a void I had let go of for several years. 


My Vision

My vision is to empower other women to live a better life for themselves; to not have to struggle financially or emotionally; to give them a sense of purpose.

If you are thinking “I wonder if I could do something like this” even if you are like I was and think I can’t or won’t do direct sales, join my Learn More About Beautycounter Facebook Event

“You won’t know until you try”

Today, in stead of saying  “I will never join a direct selling company” these are the words that are coming out of my mouth “you won’t know until you try”.  So many times in life, we pass something up because our own perception of what it is causes us to be afraid and not even consider trying it.

About the Contributor

Shelley Spicher / Senior Manager

Beautycounter Du Bois, PA

Something happens when you turn 40. Becoming a mid-lifer can get you down. Your body changes, it feels like life is passing you by, and you can begin to overthink things! But I realized we can rock wellness after 40! And it doesn't have to be difficult. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. For me it's all about keeping it simple!
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