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Dorm Room Kitchen Essentials
by Tanja McElvey

It is that time of year again for thousands of young adults to head off to college. As a parent you wonder what choices they will make when it comes to nourishment. There is the cafeteria, fast food, of course, pizza, wings, all sorts of processed snack food. As a responsible parent however, you want to send them off with the tools they need to make healthy food choices at least once a week. Enter the essential list of kitchen products every college students and young adult, moving into their own space, should have at their disposal.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Skip the line at the fast food drive thru and make your own custom, just-like-you-like-it breakfast sandwich. How does an Egg-Sausage-Cheese English Muffin sound? Or how about a breakfast burrito with bacon? With a minimum of one minute in the microwave, this could be the easiest meal yet and they won’t be late for class (hopefully).


Ceramic Egg Cooker

Ceramic Egg Cooker

Another great option for young adults, and of course the older ones as well. Do they like French toast or a muffin in the morning? The Ceramic Egg Cooker can do it all. Add all ingredients, microwave 2-3 minutes, and voila. Will also handle oatmeal or custom scrambled eggs. 


Microwave Pasta Cooker

Microwave Pasta Cooker

This one will be the most important tool of them all. The possibilities are endless. Make your own Mac ‘n Cheese. Customize it any way you’d like with cheddar or American. How about going a bit fancier and using Swiss or Emmentaler, maybe Gouda or Gruyere? Add some bacon or shrimp, yum. Then there’s caprese pasta, Thai noodle bowl, or substitute with zucchini noodles. They will be the envy in the dorm or among the roommates. 


Microwave Popcorn Maker

Microwave Popcorn MakerFor late night studying, popcorn is an essential snack. You can be assured, that this way, they will not ingest all these chemicals that come with traditional popcorn bags. Popcorn can be adjusted to taste with butter and seasoning. Even kettle corn is an option. 



Personal-Sized Pizza Stone

Personal Sized Pizza StoneI mentioned pizza earlier and this stone fits easily into a toaster oven. Cheese pizza one night, pepperoni the next. Heat up some chicken wings another time or bake a giant cookie for dessert. 




Microwave bowl Cozy Set

Microwave Cozy Set

As we know, the bowls we use in the microwave get rather hot, so this Microwave Cozy Set comes to the rescue. The large one holds the Microwave Pasta Cooker, the little one is great for the Breakfast Sandwich Maker. They can just wash them with the rest of their laundry, if needed. 


Can Opener

Smooth-Edge Can OpenerWhat good is a can of soup or tuna if you don’t have anything to open it with? Exactly! Make sure the kids have one of these when they head off to live on their own. You won’t have to worry about cuts from the can edge as this opener is designed to loosen the glue and remove the entire top. 



Pizza & Crust Cutter

Pizza and Crust CutterWhile they could use a knife, the Pizza Cutter isn’t just for pizza. Cut down a large cookie, quarter pitas into small wedges before toasting them for chips.You could even use it to cut lunch meat into strips for a salad.


TwixIt! Clip Set

TwixIt! Clip SetSo many different uses for these. Most important, use them to seal chip bags to keep the content crispy. Also works for cookie bags, cereal, and frozen veggies. Tie back curtains, gather tablecloths (I know, probably not a good example for a dorm room). In a pinch these could even be used to tie back your hair.  



No-Leak Glass Containers

Glass Leak-proof ContainersIn the event that there are leftovers, these containers are perfect. Re-heat leftovers safely as these are made of glass. Could also be used as cereal bowls or to store home-made granola bars. 



Basic Kitchen Tool Set

Basic Kitchen Tool SetThis set comes with what every start-up kitchen needs: cutting mats, knives, and tools like a spatula and serving spoon. Colors add a nice splash to any kitchen counter and you can easily find the knives in the drawer that way as well. All knives come with a sheath for safe storage. 



Microwave Grip set

Microwave Grip SetThese little guys will keep the fingers cool while removing items from the microwave. They also come in handy when lifting lids off pots or use them to rest your wooden spoon on while cooking. 



Make and Take Lunch Pack

Make and Take Lunch PackPack a salad or soup to enjoy under a tree on campus. Create your own snack like veggie sticks and hummus or a parfait in the snack container. Most importantly, keep hydrated with infused water.





ScrapersEvery kitchen needs scrapers. The more the merrier. They are great for getting every last bit of dough out of that bowl. Stir just about anything, make scrambled eggs. Use the minis to hold the bun in the hair and keep it out of the face while studying. 


Small Batter Bowl

Batter BowlsThis bowl is so versatile. Of course they can mix up tuna salad or cookie dough in it. But did you know this bowl can also go in the oven? Put the lid on and store food in the fridge or in the freezer. It would also make a good bowl to just throw in paper clips, rubber bands, keys, and whatever else there is that needs to go in a bowl marked as miscellaneous. 




Any combination of these featured Pampered Chef products will get your favorite college student off to a great start while encouraging them to eat a little healthier. Good luck and continued success to every college student out there!

About the Contributor

Tanja McElvey / Independent Consultant

Pampered Chef Leesburg, VA

I fell into this job by accident really. I love showing people how to get healthy meals on the table every night in an efficient and affordable way. I think the most rewarding part is the look on their faces when they realize how very versatile all our products are. My son enjoys cooking, so he is the tester of new products in our house.
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