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Entertaining at New Year's Eve
by Jennifer Pierce

  • Content Focus:
  • Food/Beverages/Gourmet,
  • Kitchen/Cooking,
  • Content Type:
  • Recipe

Happy Holidays!!


I love getting together with friends and family during the holiday season.     One of my favorite parts is making yummy  dishes for our guests to enjoy.  We are known for always having WAY too much food!  LOL.  We think  it's fun to try new recipes, especially for appetizers.  There's just something about those bite size foods that makes them extra fun!  My husband is the king of dips; so we always have at least 2 or 3 dipping foods as well. 

This year The Cocoa Exchange has made our entertaining easy with their New Year's Eve set.    This amazing set comes with 5 of our best selling products PLUS an exclusive recipe booklet!   I'm SO EXCITED that they put all my favorite products into one set:  White Chocolate Raspberry  Honey Mustard, Blackberry Chipotle Sauce, Chocolate Martini Mix, Raspberry Amaretto Preserves, and Caribbean Seasoning Blend.    Hurry!   This set is only available in December.    And it's a steal at over 20% Off retail prices!

Watch The Cocoa Queen make some easy appetizers with these amazing products here...



These are seriously some of my favorite products and some of the most versatile products that The Cocoa Exchange offers!  

Chocolate Martini Mix is insanely chocolatey!  I'm not a fan of most martinis because they are too strong, but this mix allows you to make it as strong or weak as you like.   This mix includes lots of real chocolate (unlike other companies that use "chocolate flavoring") so the chocolate taste definitely comes through the alcohol.  You can also use this mix as a creamer in coffee, as a syrup on ice cream, or so many other ways!


Blackberry Chipotle Sauce has SO many uses that I wrote a whole  blog article on it!!  Check it out here...

10 Ways to use Blackberry Chipotle Sauce 


Caribbean Seasoning Blend is another favorite in my home.  My husband does not like spinach (he's a big child)   LOL.  One day I was experimenting and just sprinkled a little of this Caribbean Seasoning on cooked spinach.  OMG!  My husband ate it up!  He was raving about it and says he now likes spinach!!  Amazing! 


White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard is a best seller!  I love this straight out of the jar with pretzels, but you can also make a delicious vinagrette for your salads or use it to make pretzel covered chicken!  Find more recipes at 



Raspberry Amaretto Preserves is AMAZING!!  Everyone who has tried this has loved it!  Usually these preserves are only available in the Scone Set for $24.   I have known several people to purchase the scone set just for this sauce!  But  this month only, you can get it in this exclusive New Year's Eve Set for only $60!  Grab it NOW!!

Did I mention that you also get a Recipe Booklet!  I would show it to you, but I don't even have it!  It's that exclusive!    But I have heard that in it are recipes for a Raspberry Amaretto Moscow Mule,  Cheddar Raspberry Crustini, Chocolate S'mores Martini,  Apple Brie Bites,  Caribbean Spiced Nuts and so many more!

You can get the New Year's Eve Set and other delcious products from Jenn Pierce, The Cocoa Queen at  or by contacting me directly at 240-821-3009 or

Follow me on Facebook! 


About the Contributor

Jennifer Pierce / Cocoa Queen

The Cocoa Exchange Hagerstown, MD

Hi! I'm Jenn, the Cocoa Queen! I have a blast sharing chocolate with new friends at in-home tasting parties! From Chocolate Martinis to Chocolate Hot Sauce, there is truly something for everyone. This benefits of this company are endless: free luxury vacations, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, backed by billion-dollar Mars, Inc., and tons of support. Is it work if you are having this much fun?
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