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Fight Off Dry Winter Skin
by April Carnahan

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics,
  • Content Type:
  • Tutorial/Demo


Pretty much everyone should be exfoliating.  Our skin cells are always regenerating and the best way to get the dead ones gone is to exfoliate.  Brighten up your skin and allow your moisturizer to absorb in better.    You’ll love how soft your skin feels afterwards.  This is a step that only needs to be done one to two times a week.

When it comes to exfoliating from the neck down you'll want to use a salt or sugar scrub.  I talk about them more in this clip that's less than 10 minutes.




Once you  have exfoliated you will notice you need less product to moisturize your skin.    Now it does take some getting used to as many are so use to using a whole lot more product.  Many times people are either over or under moisturizing and that can cause issues in itself.    Start with a little and then add as needed.


What I love about these moisturizers is they actually hydrate the skin!  They do not contain mineral oil.  Mineral oil or petroleum is a by product of oil refining and does not hydrate the skin.  In fact, it sits on top of the skin and can even clog pores.  While it sits on top of your skin it's easily wiped off therefore you are reapplying & that vicious cycle starts !


Stop the constant reapplication cycle and use a moisturezer that hydrates your skin!




I always recommend flipping over the bottle you are currently using and see how many ingredients you can identify.  Plus how many ingredients are listed on the Top 12 to avoid list?

Know better, do better!






 Winter especially we are told to wash our hands all the time.  Plus everyone has it engrained to use an antibacterial soap, right?  Well look up on that Top 12 list at Triclosan & trilocarban.....maybe we don't really want to be using those antibacterial soaps after all.  If your skin is dry after using them, it's a sure sign to kick them to the curb.

Let me introduce you to Prebiotics!   Prebiotic Hand Wash offers a pH balanced gel that naturally removes dirt and more without destroying the good bacteria on my skin. It makes your skin feel satisfyingly clean and debris-free but not ravaged or stripped as it never dries out your skin.

Here's a little more on Prebiotics:


Bonus!  Look at all these amazing uses for a simple ingredient hand wash!


If you or someone you know has to wash their hands constantly for their job, be sure to share this with them!



 We also carry the Prebiotic line over into a body wash and a facial wash!  You can have healthier skin head to toe!


Balms - Added Extra Strength


First, let's talk Healing Elements Balm as that was mentioned in the last graphic above.  It's the balm all households should have at least one jar of!  When you look at all the uses what would you be using it for at your house?



In case your household or someone you know needs a nut free option, we've got you covered!  The Skin & Nail Balm provides many of the same benefits.  Plus it is also unscented.  The Healing Elements Balm is scented with lavendar essential oil and vanilla essential oil.








Love something you've seen and want to get it on your skin!


Here's three ways to grab all your goodies!

1)  Pay full price &   shop online anytime.  If you are with a Host please select her name so she earns credit!

2)  Pick a fun way to share with friends and earn FREE shopping & half price items!   Fill out this form   or text me 402.204.8070.

3)  Give it all a try by grabbing the $129 kit anytime!   Check it out here!   Or text me 402.204.8070 and we can chat more!





About the Contributor

April Carnahan / Senior Director

Lemongrass Spa Fremont, NE

With the help of Lemongrass Spa, I have reduced the toxins in my everyday life & the burden of living the 'corporate world' life. Our natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, & spa products are handmade, fresh in the USA! They are redefining life for our customers and our consultants! Contact me to sample our products, learn more with your friends, or how to start your own journey today! We don't know if we don't ask!
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