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Having a Pampering Party
by brittany pears

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Hosting a Party of any kind can sound like a job in its self. Do you ever think My house isn't big enough, or I don't have any friends?  But here is the truth when you book with me I have options for you! I want everyone who wants to learn about the product and Pamper everyone (we need it). So now that we have decided that the size of your house doesn't  matter and I don't care if you only have one friend in the world I still want to pamper you! what is the next step? 


5 steps to hosting a pamper party 


Step one: what kind of Pamper Party?

You have picked a date and time and now it is time to plan your fun pamper party! I offer a few different parties to pick from, Foot soaks, skin care workshops, Makeovers, and clean living or a virtual facebook party. It is always good to think of who you are going to invite and what they would like to do. some don't like feet even if it is there own, or they may not be able to reach them.  if your peeps don't wear makeup then it wouldn't be something they would like to come do.


Foot Soaks 



A foot spa is something I love to do. I hide away and enjoy it while my kids are asleep, but at a foot spa party, we get to enjoy it as a group with the people we love. I bring all we need, the foot tubs, products, and towels.  you will soak your feet in a relaxing tub of mineral soak of your choice. after your feet have melted the stress away it is time to scrub the days of hard work away with our scrubs. this will leave your feet feeling new while helping with the dryness and cracking you and so many others may experience. lastly, you will apply a layer of lotion so you feet lock in that moisture. this will leave everyone feeling relaxed and pampered for sure.


Skincare workshop



Taking care of your skin no matter your age is so important. With all the pollution in the air our skin can become clogged, and irritated. leaving us to fight breakouts, redness, and maybe even more. with a good skin care routine, you can fight back and win over your skin. with this workshop, I offer you and your peeps a full spa facial experience! You will be able to try everything to keep your face fresh and money in your bank. I will have products for every skin type and I will teach you how I fight off the skin problems we all face! 





This is a fun one for you and your gal pals. I bring over an assortment of our make up products and colors and we can do our make up. I'll show you how our powder makeup has multiple uses, how to conceal your "problem" areas and how to high light and contour. this Party will be leaving you all ready for date night or a fun gals night! 


Clean living 


Do you like the idea of safe, homemade, natrual products for your home? In this party, I will be showing you how to make Homemade cleaners, laundry soap, and how our essential oil line isn't just safe but will save you so much money! 


Virtual Facebook Party 



If you have a lot of peeps out of town, a Facebook party is great! I will post info and product highlights and even go live so that we all can talk just like we are in the room together! 


Step two: Inviting your peeps




Now that we have picked that kind of party you and your friends would like to do, now we need to send out invites. this can be done in so many ways and it really just matters what way your friends like to communicate. I can give you invitations to send to them (who doesn't like happy mail?) I also have virtual invites you can text, email, or private message on facebook.  I always say to invite personally, no mass invites. Make it personal because this person is your pal and this will make them feel loved (we all need that)  then a few days before the party sends a reminder and the night before an I can't wait to see your text. you're excited about your party and spending time with your peeps so its okay to let them know it! 


Step three: Pre-party prep 


This is easy! you know what you and your friends love to snack on and drink. don't over think it simple is best and pre-made is ok no judgments here! Don't fret over this part.  depending on the party you picked we may be sitting around in chairs for foot soaks or around a table for makeup and facials. I will show up about an hour before so that I can set up and get things ready for the fun. 


Step four: Party time



Time for the party and this is on me! You and your friends just come enjoy and relax. Your job is done now I will do about a half hour party and then a check out for your guests. 


Step five : Closing your party 

once you have chosen to close your party we add up your orders online and in person and then you get rewards! free and discounted products are the gifts from a day spent with friends getting pampered! 


About the Contributor

brittany pears / team leader

Lemongrass Spa fredonia , PA

My name is Brittany and I am a Team Leader for Lemongrass Spa. When I am not working my biz I am a wife and mother of two. I love being able to spend my days with my family and working when I want! I love reading, spending time with friends and trying new things!
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