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Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2019
by April Carnahan

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Gifts,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

It's a Fall Sunday afternoon, you are sitting amongst friends new & old, feet soaking in a nice warm tub of water, and with festive drinks in hand everyone is laughing! 

Yes, this can be holiday shopping for you & your friends.  Allow me to introduce you to Lemongrass Spa and a little of what we have in store for you this holiday season! 



 Stocking Stuffers

These magnificant trios are perfect for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, Secret Santa exchanges, those who always travel, and so much more!  It's going to be hard to pick a favorite after you smell them while your feet are soaking & your sipping that special drink as you catch up with friends!

  • Grapefruit Bergamot Stocking Stuffer $14 includes 2 oz. Prebiotic Body Wash, 2 oz. Hand & Body Lotion and 2 oz. Hydrating Body Spritz 
  • Cherry Almond Stocking Stuffer $14includes 2 oz. Prebiotic Body Wash, 2 oz. Shampoo and 2 oz. Conditioner
  • Candy Cane Stocking Stuffer Trio $12includes Vegan Lip Balm, 2 oz. Hand & Body Lotion and 2 oz. Room Spray

Grabbing the Candy Cane & Cherry Almond together covers you head to toe!  Fantastic way to try out some new products too!

Can't wait just on over and browse them or order yours on my website.


Candy Cane


A season favorite, yet so many stock up so it lasts all year long.  We are so excited for the return on Candy Cane.  The vintage tin can take you back to childhood or maybe pass it along to a child to introduce them to the fun of sliding the lid back and indulging in a yummy lip balm.

The Prebiotic Hand Wash is a great gift for anyone who is constantly washing their hands.  Plus keep it in the kitchen to fight off any unwanted smells.  Prebiotics Protect  just remember those two words!  However if you want more details I'm happy to chat with you.




Peppermint not your thing.  Experience our newest collection, the delicious creamy scent of buttercream frosting, vanilla bean and brown sugar.  The body lotion & body spritz also provide a sublte shimmer when applied to the skin.  So skip the glitter and sparkle naturally!

4 oz. Shimmer Body Spritz $10

4 oz.   Shimmer  Body Lotion $10

8 oz. Body Polish (sugar based) $17


Holiday Spice


Speaking of making everything smell good & festive, the return of Holiday Spice Essential Oil.  A blend perfect for the holidays it is a warm, spicy, herbaceous aroma. Mix of organic cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, tempered with orange and a hint of balsam fir.  Grab this exclusive blend for $36.  

Benefits: eases congestion, deodorizes odors, uplifts mood, boosts immune

Purchase any essential oil from us and you will receive a free guide book which explains the benefits, usage, safety guidelines, and more.  If you have any questions prior to purchase I'm happy to anser them!



You are going to want this trio for yourself!  Better grab a few because they make an amazing stocking stuffer for all ages.  These mini lip glosses fit perfect in any purse and even pockets.  If you were lucky enough to grab the Pucker mini lip gloss in the March Bliss Box then you know how yummy these are.




Let's dress up your lips with this trio of vanilla-scented mini lip glosses, tucked inside a holiday gift box.

Ruby: a bright, glossy red with hints of gold sparkle

Pucker: a feminine pink satin with light shine

Velvet: a frosty metallic plum with a hint of shimmer

These vegan shades are formulated for long-lasting wear, with a healthy infusion of minerals to hydrate and add superior sparkle and shine.  All three for $19!





Sticking with the Sparkle & Shine...add a little to your face for all the holiday gatherings coming up.  Create a natural, glowing look with the Sugar Highlighter and Spice Bronzer. Use each shade alone or mix to create your own. The Sugar & Spice Baked Bronzer & Highlighter Palette Duo will continue to be available after the holiday season.  However you can grab this brand new product on sale now for $26, reg. $28.  Be one of the first to try and give your feedback, do you want to see more similar products in the future?



12 Days of Christmas Bliss Box

We're making gift giving easy this season! Not only do you have a variety of limited edition holiday items, everyday gift sets, and everyday products to choose, but you now have a special 12 Days of Christmas Bliss Box! We've selected a variety of seasonal and must-haves items, plus THREE items that are exclusive (unavailable for purchase anywhere else!), wrapped in our signature box and shipped directly to your doorstep! 

A $71 value, get it for $49 plus tax it SHIPS FREE!

Grab one for you, send one to a long distance friend, and gift one to the college student or teen in your life!  All items are TSA approved, travel ready.  View the details of the box or order yours here, Bliss Box!



Enjoy a fun shopping experience


We've got so much more to offer so let's chat and take some stress off your holiday shopping.  We can cross off items for everyone on your list as we have products for all ages plus all price ranges.  Allow me to be your personal shopper at no cost to you!


Want to reduce your holiday shopping bill, invite some friends to meet up for coffee at your house or your favorite coffee shop (weekend or weeknight).  I'll bring the goodies to sniff & sample.  We can cross off many gifts everyone will love plus they can get some pampering products for themselves.  You can earn some free shopping & free shipping!  Everyone will love how easy it is & a little girl time to catch up!  Pencil in a date in November or early December before your best date is gone!


Be sure to check out our monthly specials too!  There's always something extra for Hosts & savings for customers.



Lemongrass Spa also has a beautiful Holiday Gift Guide mini catalog, contact me to request one or they will be included in all orders thru the holiday season.


Making a selection

Flip thru the pages of the digital Holiday Gift Guide.

Flip thru the pages of the digital Catalog.


Here's three ways to grab all your goodies!

1)  Pay full price & shop online anytime.  If you are with a Host please select her name so she earns credit!

2)  Pick a fun way to share with friends and earn FREE shopping & half price items!   Fill out this form   or text me 402.204.8070.

3)  Give it all a try, share with friends & family, and earn cash this holiday season by grabbing the $129 kit anytime!   Check it out here!   Or text me 402.204.8070 and we can chat more or meet for coffee!





About the Contributor

April Carnahan / Senior Director

Lemongrass Spa Fremont, NE

With the help of Lemongrass Spa, I have reduced the toxins in my everyday life & the burden of living the 'corporate world' life. Our natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, & spa products are handmade, fresh in the USA! They are redefining life for our customers and our consultants! Contact me to sample our products, learn more with your friends, or how to start your own journey today! We don't know if we don't ask!
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