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Holiday Gift Guide - Lilla Rose Style
by Sarah McCully

  • Content Focus:
  • Clothing/Fashion,
  • Gifts,
  • Jewelry/Handbags/Accessories

Lilla Rose Holiday Gift Guide

One thing that I've always liked about Lilla Rose Hair Accessories, is that they make perfect gifts.


From last minute gift exchanges, to pretty present toppers,

to that perfect item to slip into the toe of a stocking,

Lilla Rose is my go-to gift during the holiday season.

But what to choose from all that Lilla Rose has to offer?

Here are my top four perfect gift suggestions from Lilla Rose!

4) Bobby Pins  



These often overlooked tiny beauties are perfect for short or long hair, especially to add a bit of bling for the holidays.

I find that they are popular with all ages, from preschoolers to grandmas.  
Every girl seems to like a bit of sparkle in her hair!

And at just $10/ pair, they fit that last minute gift budget!  

If you need to beef up your gift a bit, I've used Bobby Pins as pretty money clips,
or decorations on package bows!


3) Hairbands  

Our leather and jeweled hairbands are that accessory that you keep reaching for.

Easy to use, comfortable and adjustable...they stay on all day and look fantastic.

And they work equally well for shorter or longer haircuts.

As an added bonus, our jeweled hairbands can also be used as a necklace by removing the elastic and adding a necklace extender.

Who doesn't love two gifts in one?

We have extenders available on our hairband shopping page or ask me for help ordering one!

2) X-Small Flexi Clips


These are my number one top selling size at craft and vendor shows.

X-smalls are so versatile.  

Useful for ponytails on fine or thin hair, they also work nicely for half ups in thicker hair.

Looking for a gift idea for an older woman with shorter hair?

You can use an extra small as a decoration on a scarf.

I always suggest an xsmall if you are unsure of which size to purchase.  

Which leads me to my number one gift suggestion…

1) Mini (XXS) Flexis

Don't let their daintiness fool you.

These tiny Flexis are as tough and beautiful as their bigger counterparts.

And starting at $11, they are an affordable item for stocking fillers or that last minute gift.

They work great for little girls and women with super fine hair, or on anyone just wanting to pull back a little hair for an accent.

Which of these suggestions spark some ideas for you? 

Come join the conversation with my other Flexi Fans at:

PS - Check out our other fabulous gift items in the pictures below!


About the Contributor

Sarah McCully / Independent Stylist

Lilla Rose Clinton, WI

When you have 6 daughters like I do, quick hairstyles become a necessity. Lilla Rose Hair Accessories to the rescue! Let me show you how they can beautifully improve the quickness and ease of YOUR beauty routine. Thin hair, thick hair, short, long, straight, curly, young, old -- Lilla Rose has something for everyone! I want you to have HAPPY HAIR!
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