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How to Be an AMAZING Hostess
by Christina Wiedmeyer

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  • Host Coaching,
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  • Skincare/Cosmetics,
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  • How-To


Relax, Laugh, Drink your fav beverage, Soak your Feet, or get a Facial...

or ALL of the above!

Your friends will love to connect with you, get pampered by me, and you will love the Free Products you get just for hosting!

Here are some examples of Hostess Rewards below...from all different kinds of parties with me

START thinking about what YOU want to get for FREE/Discounted/Half off!!!










Hosting will be a cinch when we keep these things in mind:



Do not worry about who will or won’t come. Don’t worry about cleaning your house perfectly. Don’t worry about having tons of food and beverage.

Keep it simple. A snack or 2 and a drink or 2 is all you need.

Want a theme? Like Bagels and Bloody Marys? or Muffins, Mimosas, and Masks? Go for it, but certainly not necessary!

Want it at my home? Happy to have it at my house!


 2. WHO to Invite?

Invite your besties, family, neighbors, co-workers, friends of your children, etc

Encourage them to bring a Friend with them too!

Think about friends that need relief from a skin issue or those that are health conscious but definitely don’t be limited by these things


3. HOW to Invite?

Grab a piece of paper (or ask me for my paper chart)

Write down the first 5 people you want to attend

Now write down the next 5 people you want to come

And keep going until you have about 30


And here’s the most important part of inviting

Be PERSONAL & Sincere

How do you normally communicate with each of these guests?

Text? Then text her

Email? Then email her

Call? Then call her

Get the idea?

So maybe 6 of them get a text, 5 get a phone call, 3 get an email, 10 get a messenger message, 6 get a face to face conversation

***Please don’t send out a group message or facebook invite w/o personally inviting***

It is Spammy & impersonal & it will likely get deleted


This inviting will be the most time-consuming part of the party process (other than party night) but it will greatly dictate the outcome of your party – I promise! Take the time for the personal touch, and show your excitement for the products, and your party will be amazing!

And though this is the most time-consuming portion, I envision it will take under a half hour, start to finish.

Want to have even GREATER success, MAIL out invites, to at least some of your guests (I WILL MAIL OUT 10 for you at no cost or time to you – just get me their addresses and I will mail them out - SO EASY)

Also, copy and paste is a great time saver when messaging


4.  You are the reason your friends will attend

Your enthusiasm for the product, your desire to spend time with them are what will get them there

Once they are there, I will take over


5.  How to get the most for FREE/REDUCED?

The higher your sales and the more friends that book their own party, the MORE YOU GET for FREE and Discounted

So if they can’t make it, see if they want to host (that helps you the most!)

Or see if they want to meet with me to have a facial if they live close (if they live far away, we can meet over online chat and I can send them free samples and walk the through the facial)

Or maybe they want to just place an order.

Encourage them to bring a friend if they are coming. That builds attendance quickly!

**Let’s ROCK this show together**

About the Contributor

Christina Wiedmeyer / Supervisor


Welcome! I'm Christina...A mom, wife, and skincare specialist. I used to teach high school I teach natural skincare! I love all things natural and healthy. Come and learn more!
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