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How to be an Extraordinary Facebook Hostess!
by Candice Healing

  • Social Media & Marketing:
  • Facebook Parties,
  • Business:
  • Host Coaching,
  • Content Focus:
  • Jewelry/Handbags/Accessories

As a hostess you want to get as much free jewelry as possible because who doesn’t like free things! Facebook parties can be harder than house parties to get high rewards because it’s easy for people to ignore the party. But you can still get lots of free jewelry from a Facebook party if you follow these tips.

1. Set a goal

Take a look through the catalogue and pick out your favourite things. Then look at the hostess rewards program and see how much your party sales would need to be in order to get all your items for free or half price. The average sale is $50, so you can use that to figure out how many friends you need to order to help you reach that goal. Of course there are people who spend more than that, but those can just be a nice surprise. And I love math, so if you need help with that, just ask!

2. Be selective on your guest list

If you were having a Color by Amber party in your house, you wouldn’t invite every single person you knew. Think about the ones who like jewelry, who are concerned with saving the planet, and who have a heart for helping women in other countries. Ask yourself, who do you know who wears jewelry all the time? Who dresses up for work everyday? Who loves to shop? Who dresses up for church? 50 is a good number to invite because it’s small enough to make them feel special for being invited but enough to get some interaction in the party. You can post on your Facebook page as well that you’re having a Color by Amber party and ask who wants an invite. You never know who on your friends list has been waiting to be invited to a party.

3. Personally invite each GUEST

I never even looked at the Color by Amber Facebook party I was invited to until my cousin sent me a message explaining what the party was and why I would like it. Until then I had never heard of the company, didn’t know what it was about, and didn’t want to bother figuring out what it was all about. I’m sure glad she sent me that message! Many people ignore or don’t see their Facebook notifications about event invitations. You can text, send them a message on FB messenger or even call them! An example of what you can say is “Hi, did you see the Color by Amber Facebook party I invited you to? It’s this amazing company that makes eco-friendly jewelry that also supports women in developing countries. I know you like to wear jewelry (or care about protecting the planet, or help women in other countries. Put whatever matches them best) and thought you’d like to find out more about the company. Plus their jewelry is so lightweight, comfortable and beautiful! If you attend you have the chance to win free jewelry, so I hope you can join me at my party.” You can message your guests directly from the event, but make sure you choose the option send separately. That way you can send one message to a group of people, but it looks like it was sent individually. Nobody likes getting a group message! 

4. Be active on Facebook

Your friends know you, not me, so it’s important you’re active on Facebook. You wouldn’t invite your friends over to your house for a party and then leave. Post a welcome message in the event the first day or even before the event begins. Throughout the party make sure you are liking and commenting on the posts because that will push it on to your friends’ news feed. Also post pictures of product you like in the party. Tag friends in games or products you think they would like. Please play in the games, but you won't be able to win any of the prizes since you're already getting hostess rewards, but have fun playing them anyway! If you were at a house party and saw something you knew a friend would like, you would point it out to them, do the same thing in an online party. Message your guests during the party as well. Let them know when I’ll be going live and then after I go live, message the ones who weren’t there, reminding them to watch it. You can even send them a picture of something you think they would like. Tell them about the deals that are going on and ways they can save money on product or shipping. You will get a free skinny for each of your friends who signs up for the Do Good box, so make sure you promote it as well.

5. Get outside orders

I’m sure you have friends who aren’t on Facebook but you know love jewelry. Take the catalogue to them, or send them the link to the catalogue to download, or the link to the website. Wear your color by Amber jewelry everyday during your party so you can show it to people. With outside orders you must be the sales person, you are my partner in this event. Share with them about the company and get them excited, show them your product. Take the catalogue to your work, your kids activities, or even when you are having lunch/coffee with a friend.


I appreciate you helping me grow my business by hosting a party.  Follow these tips and I know I will be spoiling you with lots of free jewelry!


About the Contributor

Candice Healing / Executive Stylist

Color By Amber Grande Prairie, AB

Look good, Do Good, Feel good! The best part about what I do, is that I empower women in developing countries by helping them provide for their families! I also help women make an income with a flexible schedule that allows them to have more time to spend with their families or other activities in their lives. I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother and a part time junior high teacher.
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