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by Allison Sole

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Customer Registration Forms


Having a customer registration form is really important for our business for many reasons. It will make you as a consultant look more professional, keep all of your contacts in one place to be able to build your master list, quick reference guide, and is a relationship builder. 


How are your customers going to give you their information to pay you and receive their jewelry? You could just have them send you their email address through a private messenger, but then you are left wondering if they are going to send it or if they can find you to send you their email address. Most of the time customers share your live video feed or they are guests from a party and are not on your friend's list or not active on your business page, so they will not have a way to find you. To alleviate this minor issue, you should have a customer registration form ready to go.  After the party, whether it’s a Facebook live or a private party, you should ALWAYS reach out to the new customer. Please don’t wait for them to reach out to you, always remember, they chose to shop with you, that is an honor and privilege. Do them the honor of reaching out to them and saying, “Thank you for joining.” At that time, you could request that they please fill out your customer registration form. The two most effective ways of doing this are, creating a Google form or setting up a postable account. Both are adequate ways to collect the same information, however, the google form you can customize it to your needs vs the postable is basic information. I will teach you how to create both.


What you need for this is a google account. You should already have a business email set up and ready to go, if not, create one now so that way you can create your form through your business google account. 


How to find the google form 


Log into your google account and go to “Drive” When you enter your Google Drive there will be a tab at the top of a drop-down menu that says “my drive” or you can go to https://docs.google.com 

  • Tap on “my drive” to access another menu
  • Tap on “more”
  • Tap on “google forms”

You have just accessed a little secret of Google. Unless you have a reason to dig for it, it’s pretty much hidden. The next part of creating your own custom customer registration form is to know what it is that you want to know about your customer. The more obvious features are name and address. Did you think about all the other stuff, like, do you want to have a Paparazzi Party with, or sell some jewelry with me? What about their birthday or favorite color? If you knew this information, it would be so awesome to send them a blue necklace since you already know their color. How do you know they like necklaces? You could ask that too.  The possibilities are endless with your form. So, grab a piece of paper and jot down ideas of what you want to know about your future customer. Now that you have your questions down, let's create your form. First things first, lets put a title. Customer Registration Form works.



Google Forms



How you create A  google form 


Below where it says Untitled form where you just typed “customer registration form, you can put in a description. My suggestion is to type a little thank you note along with inviting them to your other social media channels. We always want to be found. Make sure you put the full URL, so the link is clickable. Links you may want to include are, your customer group, your business page, your email, your website, youtube channel, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other social link you can think of.  The enlist part of the form is where you get to start inserting the questions. You can put the information in any order, but my suggestion is to make a question starting with their name first name. You could type in, “What is your first name.” Why I suggest this is because when you are looking back later at it for some more information you tend to always know the customers first name. To the right of “untitled question” is a drop-down menu, on the photo above it shows “multiple choice” you are going to want to click on that to reveal “short answer” this is the one that will most often be used. Scroll down just a bit to see if the “required” tab is on. You want to make sure this is on, there is nothing worse than a field being skipped and missing information. From this point on you just add a page by tapping on the plus sign to the right. Following with the next question of “what your last name is” and so on. When you are all through you can go back and customize as you see fit. You can customize he is heading by changing the color of the header or by putting a custom photo in there. 


How you send a google form 


At the top there is a huge send button, this is generally to send an email to them or post on social media platforms. To get the link, hit send, and then use the middle photo that shows a link. It will then open a URL that you can copy and paste to where ever you need it to go. It will look like this. https://goo.gl/forms/dReETPaYVkxpsnoF3


To collect the information from the form, you would need to go back to your google drive. There it will show as a file and open into a spreadsheet. There is a little green tab that you need to click on to open it up. All the information you have requested will be beautifully placed in an easy to read spreadsheet.






Postable is not a customer registration form, it is a card business. Which is convenient for many of us to reach out to our customers on their special day. Although the cards cost a little bit of cash, the address book that is with it is free. In this program, you can also customize the URL to be specific to your business. This is what I use for my customers https://www.postable.com/beautyqueenjewelry its fast and simple, I can import and export just like a google doc plus I get the added bonus of automatically knowing its time to send a birthday card because postable sends me an email to tell me too. So, sign up for postable go to https://www.postable.com and set up your free account. In the settings menu is where you can customize your personal link. 


My social links 


If you would like more information about starting your own Paparazzi Accessories business, shop my collection of $5 jewelry, or inquire about earning FREE jewelry it would be my pleasure to assist you. I can be reached at the following: 

Allison Sole : 

email me at https://beautyqueenjewelry@gmail.com

message me at https://m.me/beautyqueenjewelry 

visit my website at www.beautyqueenjewelry.com 

Friend request me on facebook at https://facebook.com/beautyquensole 

To watch my lives on Monday 7:30 CST my business page  https://facebook.com/beautyqueenjewelry 

To shop my jewelry collection, get special discounts, and receive special treatment https://facebook.com/groups/beautyqueensole 

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Allison Sole / Premier Producer

Paparazzi Independence, MO

Allison is a direct seller for Paparazzi Accessories who teaches women how to replace their current income by showing them how to build a biz using social media and other avenues.In less than a year she has achieved a number of awards for team building, team sales, and personal sales. Her passion is helping women conquer their fears and build a better version of themselves.
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