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I Hired Four Assistants For My Small Business
by Sarah McCully

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  • Business:
  • Customer Care

I always struggle with remembering to do stuff

I make lists and lose the lists.

I write on my calendar, but forget to check it.

My follow up with my customers has been lacking...and I've been getting discouraged about that!

What I really needed was systems...but when you forget to do things, or you don't have all the tools needed, your systems can fall apart.

So over the 4.5 years I've been in business, I've tried different things.

I think I finally have hit on some success.

And I did it by hiring FOUR assistants.

Four? Four assistants you say?

Yes, indeedy.

And the best part is... they work cheap and they don't take breaks!

My 4 assistants are:

Constant Contact



AMI (formerly Maven)


Now, a lot of people balk at paying for services for their small or direct sales businesses.

But these four together cost me 98 cents a day.

If I hired a human being to do what they do, it would cost me much, much more.

And...they make my life easier!

[This article contains referral links, but this article is not sponsored, and I am not profiting from writing it.]

Here's some info on each of them:



Constant Contact -

I LOVE this email newsletter program.

They provide plenty of templates, with all the bells and whistles, as well as making it simple for you to create your own.

It is easy to figure out and to use.

It even tracks how many opens and clicks you have had...and who did it!!

In their own words:

Constant Contact makes it easy for you​r email campaign​ to succeed.

Connect with your customers and prospects in minutes with email marketing.

With so many great features, including one-click editing, social integration, and comprehensive tracking, see for yourself how powerful email marketing can be.

Constant Contact has both a website and an app.

If you'd like to try Constant Contact, you can get a $75 credit by using my referral link:

Constant Contact Referral Link

Constant Contact is $20/ month or $180 for one year.



Canva -

If you want professional-looking graphics without hiring a designer, try Canva.

I use the free program, and there are many elements available for free, plus additional ones for sale.  (I've not spent a cent yet!)

If you are looking for more in-depth graphics capabilities, there is also a paid version available.

It is so fun to play with the designs, and, if you figure out the colors and designs for your "brand," you can make note of them and reuse them later for consistency.

All of your projects are saved in your account for use later.

From Canva:

Design anything. Publish anywhere. 

Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

Canva has both a website and an app.

Canva is a free website with additional paid for content. See website for details.



Cinchshare -

Having a reliable social media scheduling app has been a game changer.

While you can schedule some things directly on Facebook, you do not have the ability to upload to Facebook and save for later, or to reuse your content, or to use the same content on other platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

From Cinchshare:

Create, organize, save and schedule posts, pins and tweets all in one place with CinchShare's effort saving features.

Designed specifically for Independent Sales Consultants, Network Marketers and Creative Solopreneurs, CinchShare allows for unlimited scheduling to your Facebook timeline, pages, groups and albums. Save all your content in a post library for reuse, batch posts for workshops, trainings, parties and classes, share posts with other users, and categorize your content however you wish!

Cinchshare has both an app and a website.

Cinchshare has 37 Day Free Trial if you use my referral link and the code CINCHFREE

Cinchshare Referral Link

Cinchshare is $10/mo or $100 for one year.



AMI (formerly Maven) -

AMI is the newest assistant I've hired, and she is a keeper!

This customer database and follow-up generating app is a game changer.

I went from doing very few follow-ups, to over 100 in my first month.

It reminds you to follow-up, it stores templates of what you want to say, and it allows you to email, text, or FB message directly from the app.

 Some direct sales companies even have a direct interface with the app for products and orders.

Mine does not, and it has still been worth every penny!

From AMI:

Never let a customer fall through the cracks again thanks to AMI. 

AMI sends you regular reminders to reach out to prospects and customers at the right time so you aren’t scrambling to hit your monthly sales goals at month end.

AMI offers a 30 day free trial.

Here's a link to download it from the App Store:

Maven is $7.99/mo or $77 for a year.

Have you been putting off paid services because it seemed like too much of an investment?

Take a close look at these 4 assistants of mine…

maybe they could be as helpful to you as they are to me!

    Do you have any business apps you can't live without?  

Post them in the comments below!   


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Sarah McCully / Independent Stylist

Lilla Rose Clinton, WI

When you have 6 daughters like I do, quick hairstyles become a necessity. Lilla Rose Hair Accessories to the rescue! Let me show you how they can beautifully improve the quickness and ease of YOUR beauty routine. Thin hair, thick hair, short, long, straight, curly, young, old -- Lilla Rose has something for everyone! I want you to have HAPPY HAIR!
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