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I've Placed My First Lemongrass Spa Order, Now What? 3 Things to Know
by Cheryl Fanella

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  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
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  • Education/Information,
  • Tips/Ideas

Welcome to the Lemongrass Spa community! I'm excited for you to receive and enjoy your great selection of fresh, clean, and natural products. As a new customer, here are some things for you to know:


 3 Things to Know About Your New Products:

     1. Your new items should arrive in about 10 business days (14 during busy holiday seasons)!

     2. Look for the "Made On" date sticker located on the bottom of most items. Our natural products are designed to be used right away, so it's best not to overstock your favorites.  Ideally, lotion-based and liquid products should be used within 12 months. When kept dry, powder makeup items have a much longer shelf life. Discard any product that begins to have a change in scent or appearance.

     3. During cold weather months, allow items to reach room temperature and then give them a good shake before use.  During warmer weather, products such as lip balms, butters, etc. can be chilled in the refrigerator to help them maintain their shape.


3 Things to Know About My Service to You:

     1. I love to keep in touch! I'll send a message when your order has shipped, and I'll ask if it arrived in excellent condition. A few weeks later, I'll call to hear all about your experience! 

     2. Service calls give me the perfect opportunity to answer questions you have and to share product news and tips with you.  Typically, I reach out every other month.  If that is too often, feel free to let me know.

     3. You can place an order anytime! It's my pleasure to take your order, or it can be placed directly on my website!  If you have special coupons, a gift certificate or you're taking advantage of a special offer I'm hosting, please place your order directly with me.

Chat with me right now!


3 Things to Know About Sharing & Socializing:

     1. Watch your email for my monthly newsletter, and be sure to let your email provider know my emails are not spam (message me if you need help).

     2. Connect with my FB page, Lemongrass Spa with Cheryl Fanella! Click "Following", and leave a Star Rating to let others know about your experience!

     3. Tell your friends!  Take advantage of my Referral Rewards program or earn even more free products by spending a fun time with your friends and hosting a party!

Visit Lemongrass Spa with Cheryl Fanella



I'm excited to have you in my Lemongrass Spa community and to help you get the most from your new products. Thank you for your first order and for supporing my small business.  We'll talk again soon!

About the Contributor

Cheryl Fanella / Lemongrass Spa Senior Sales Consultant

Lemongrass Spa Cheyenne, WY

I'm a vibrant wife, mother, business owner and community leader. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and sharing ideas with other busy moms. My goal is to create a community dedicated to talking about ways to save time, money, simplify living spaces, and the "how-to's" to successfully switching to fresh, clean, and natural personal care products . There's so much to enjoy!
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