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Just add H20 at Home and Breathe While you Clean
by Tonya Davis

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  • Education/Information,
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  • Household Products

Chiffonettes Clean like CRAZY!


What a word - "chiffonette." It practically begs to be said in French accent: “I clean my house with chiffonettes and water!”  It's a great word, and an even better cleaning tool! They absolutely were a game changer for me; I will never use anything else. Why would I? They work better and mroe efficiently than any strong-smelling, cough-inducing, skin-irritating cleaning product I have ever used. No kidding!  


When I recieved my H20 at Home Foundation Kit, I was amazed at what happened when I wet the cloths and used them. My mirrors sparkled, and the windows were clean and streak free. Greasy film on the cabinets around the stove disappeared with a wipe of a cloth. The multipurpse cloth could even dust!. It trapped the dust instead of just swirling it around in the air, where it could settle back down on my shelves and countertops. I couldn't stop myself from trying the chiffonettes on everything!  I used them on surface after surface for about five days.  Needless to say, my house looked fabulous!  I then called Lacey, the woman who had sold me these products, and I said, “I think I need to do this, I need to do what you do!”   Now, you don’t know me, but if you did, the fact that I wanted to sign up for a direct sales company is nothing short of a miracle!  I had sworn them off of them years ago after overcommitting myself and my friends to several home parties from other companies. Also, I wasn't looking for a new job, as I loved my job as a NICU nurse. I didn’t have that, “I hate my job and I want to do something else” reason. My reasoning was purely based on how much I love how this stuff works. I loved how quickly my house got clean, and how it seemed to need cleaning less often. Learning the ins and outs of each product became a passion of mine. I had to understand how and why these cloths and clay worked - it seemed like magic!

One year later, and I can honestly say I love H20 at Home even more than I did at first!  It’s a company with quality products that make a difference in our lives and help us care for our wonderfully created earth. Another positive about being an H20 at Home advisor is that I have made some income, but really, it's just a nice side benefit.  If I were independently wealthy, I’d give the products away by the truckload!


Learn about the chiffonettes and how they can help you! Chiffonnettes have a partner, The Cleaning Clay, (see my blog about the clay here) These two go together like toast and jam. You can clean your whole house with just those two products! If you want to know more, I love talking about the products, so please feel free to message me.


Why are H2O at HOME Chiffonettes Different that other microfibers?



Watch me explain how the H2O at HOME Chiffonettes work:







1. Buy directly from me! Go ahead and shop!

2. Have a Home or Virtual Party! Learn More!  

3. Become an Advisor with me as your H2O at Home Sponsor!   Learn more!


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About the Contributor

Tonya Davis / Group Leader

H2O at Home Kennewick, WA

As a nurse I am an advocate for my patients. As an H20 at Home Advisor, I am an advocate for safe, effective home care products that work. My aim is to share these with others so they can save time, money, and their health. My husband Paul and I enjoy traveling, family, theater and our four kids.
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