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Keep those nasty PESTs away!
by Christina Wiedmeyer

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  • Skincare/Cosmetics,
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  • Tips/Ideas


You may already have what you need in your home.

Let's take a look at some of these L'BRI products to see how they can PREVENT the Mosquitoes and how they can HEAL your skin if you do get bit or stung.

From Left to Right in the Picture above:

Baby Lotion: The Lavendar in the Baby Product Line is Real Lavendar and is a Natural Mosquito Repellent. I like to use this  the most on myself and kids when we head out to the ball diamond.

Foot Cream: The Peppermint in the foot cream  helps keep lots of pests away: Ants, Spiders, Aphids, Beetles, Caterpillars, Fleas, Flies, Lice, Mice, Moths.

(PS I use peppermint oil (plus others) to mix up a  hair spritz for the kids to ward off the lice during the school year)

Body  Butter (White Tea Blossum and Cedarwood Oil scent):  Cedarwood contains natural oils with strong aromas  that repel insects


WHAT if you get BIT or STUNG? 

I can help you with the swelling, itching, and getting the venom or stinger out!

Still from Left to Right in the Picture above

Facial Masque & Clay Masque: Apply one of these masques and allow to dry. This will help get the stinger and venom out

Freshener (Either One): Spritz on the freshener (from your TRIO) to ease the  itch! This will also bring the skin back to its proper pH

PS Also use this Freshener for Sunburn. It soothes the skin

ALOE JELLY:  The Aloe Vera Jelly is going to calm and soothe your skin. Plus it will help with swelling, pain  and itch.  It is a must have for bugs/insects but also a MUST HAVE for your medicine cabinet. It heals sun burn or any kind of burn. It helps speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, sprains, scar tissue. It is also your go-to if you have very oily and/or acne-prone skin! Plus, so many other uses for the Aloe Jelly!!
Find more about the AMAZING Aloe Jelly HERE


All of these L'BRI products are  FREE from synthetic fragrance and dyes.

EVERY scent and color is naturally sourced and smells amazing.

Good Luck fighting thoses little pests!


Reach out anytime:

920.207.2627 call or text

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 Word for word (and Spelling) from my Customers on

WHY they use L'BRI Products

on their skin, on their family's skin, and in their home






About the Contributor

Christina Wiedmeyer / Supervisor


Welcome! I'm Christina...A mom, wife, and skincare specialist. I used to teach high school I teach natural skincare! I love all things natural and healthy. Come and learn more!
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