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Lauren's Magnolia and Vine Warranty and Care information
by Lauren Gaudlitz

  • Business:
  • Customer Care

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who have her back"


Thank you for  suporting  me and my business with your Magnolia and Vine  purchase! 

Once you receive your purchase, please take a minute to  make sure you received everything,  look over each piece  to insure  there are no imperfections, however every snap in the Magnolia and Vine collection is unique and individually handmade, which means there may be slight varance in the size, shape and finish of each snap.   Take each snap and insure they snap into your base piece.  If you discover it it hard to snap the pieces together, try turning the snap as you are snapping it together.  The snap should fit snug and not loose.   There is a 90 day Manufacture's warranty on our items, so  if you suspect a problem with any piece, or a problem arrises withint the 90 days, please contact me as soon as possible to insure replacement of your item before the 90 day warranty expires.   If you have problems with a piece after this date, I will do what  I can  to  help resolve  the problem.

Here are some wear and care tips  to keep your Magnolia and Vine jewelry and accessories looking their best! 

Three easy ways to care for your pieces:  

                        All our pieces are made of a nickle free, lead free base metal that is Doulble Rhodium plated.  Here are some tips to

                         insure a beautiful  long lasting finish for the length of it's life.

  1. Avoid  exposure to water: remove when washing your hands, doing dishes, taking a shower, running a marathon, etc.  Never wear into pools and spas.
  2. Contact with chemicals in lotions, hair spray and perfums may damage the Rodium finish or dull the sparkle of your crystal snaps.  We recommend putting on your jewelry only after you have applied your lotions, hairspray or perfume.
  3. If your jewelry darkens  over time from wear, dirt or sweat, simply wipe with a dry polishing cloth and it will restore its luster.  Avoid using liquid jewelry cleaners which can cause permenent damage to the Rhodium finish .


If you  are not completely satisfied with your Magnolia and Vine merchandise, you may return items in original packaging, along with a copy of the packing list or receipt, within 30 days of the purchase date for an exchange, replacement, or full refund (less shipping charges). No refunds are available through the company for any  items that have been worn.

 To add more snaps or Magnolia and Vine base pieces or accessories to your jewelry box, visit

Last of all , enjoy wearing your new interchangeable pieces!

Money saving tips:

Every month we offer our customers a  different monthly special which will always save you money.  You can insure you receive these specials either by email  or by joining  my Dazzle Snaps VIP facebook group.   

For every online order through my website, you can take advantage of our   Buy 4 snaps, get a 5th snap free special every month!  We also have additional monthly specials that change each month 

Join my Dazzle Snaps VIP facebook group for  personal specials and offers  offered only by me to my VIP's 

Choose to have your own personal trunk show or social to  get even GREATER discounts such as FREE and HALF PRICE items of your choice.  If you would like more information on this program before deciding  if you would like to take advantage of it, please send me  an email to the address listed above.

Refer others who you think may enjoy Magnolia and Vine collections or would be interested in having a personal show and earn purchasing credit

Or get all your looks at Style Consultant prices!   



About the Contributor

Lauren Gaudlitz / Stylist

Magnolia and Vine Floresville, TX

Aggie, Army wife and mother of 5. Magnolia and Vine Jewelry Stylist, author, artist, photographer, Small Business Entrepreneur, Wine Guide and Image & Beauty Consultant. Founder of Limitless Women, SonShine Ministries & Floresville Business Woman's Network. Studied at Texas A & M University in College Station, TX , Life Christian University, Honolulu Campus & BeautiControl Business School. Music, animal and beach lover, always ready for an adventure.
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