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Learn How to Clean More Safely with H2O at Home
by Tonya Davis

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Cleaning Clay: My Two-Year Search

I first saw this clay in action when a professional cleaning woman brought it over to a friend’s new home that was left quite grimy by the previous owners.  The stainless-steel cook top and tiled shower were particularly dirty, and I had been working on both for quite some time without much success.  Imagine my surprise when this clay got the grime off on the cooktop, made the stainless steel dishwasher sparkle, and got the shower tiles clean.  There weren’t any strong fumes, and you could use it without gloves!! It took a picture of the container. I wanted some of that French clay.



Even though I can find almost anything online, I couldn't find this “magic” clay; I searched on and off for about two years. One day, while on my lunch break at work, I was flipping through a   catalog  that was sitting on the break room table, and there it was! The jar of clay! A coworker was having a party, and you bet I was ordering!


Did it really clean like I remembered and could I breathe? Yes!

I soon found out! This clay cleaned better than anything I had ever used, including products with strong chemicals. I could now clean well AND BREATHE! It made my sinks shine, my stainless steel fridge sing, my shower sparkle, and i wasn’t coughing from fumes! It turns out this clay is 100% natural, food safe, abrasive enough for tough scouring jobs (without scratching!), and even leaves a protective layer that prevents calcium from being redeposited on sinks, showers,and tubs. 


Join me in my bathroom and see how the h2O at home cleaning clay cleanS my sink




Clay + Cloths Can Clean Your Whole House!

The clay has some helpful companions: they are called   chiffonettes  which simply means “cloth” in French.  They are high-quality microfiber cloths that can clean only with water! But used in combination with the clay, cleaning the whole house was a breeze! The clay cleaned my showers and sinks easily. No fumes meant no coughing!  I cleaned and cleaned, because I was so amazed by the results. These products were easily the best I had ever used (including those with all the powerful chemicals) and they were natural and safe. 



Want to know more about the chiffonettes?

Read more about the Chiffonettes.

These products amazed me so much I couldn't stop telling everyone about them.  Deciding to become and H20 at Home advisor was the next step.  I allowed me to be able to help others find these products, take advantage of the awesome training AND make some extra income.   This journey has been wonderful and I am looking forward to where it is going to take me. 


I want to breathe when I clean! How do I get some of that clay?

1. Buy directly from me! Go ahead and shop!

2. Have a Home or Virtual Party! Learn More!  

3. Become an Advisor with me as your H2O at Home Sponsor!   Learn more!


Feel free to message ME on Facebook!



About the Contributor

Tonya Davis / Group Leader

H2O at Home Kennewick, WA

As a nurse I am an advocate for my patients. As an H20 at Home Advisor, I am an advocate for safe, effective home care products that work. My aim is to share these with others so they can save time, money, and their health. My husband Paul and I enjoy traveling, family, theater and our four kids.
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