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LIVE! Meet the President of Tocara!
by Denise Ouellette

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  • Jewelry/Handbags/Accessories

Meet the President of Tocara Jewelry LIVE!


Watch Randall Markus LIVE from Montreal, Canada to hear the designs and inspiration of the New Spring TOCARA Collection!

When I first met Randall 3 years ago, I was so impressed by his passion for Tocara Jewelry, the quality and the designs, WOW!  You are going to LOVE the New Spring Collection!



What is on your dream board?

Travel to a hot destination, maybe a family get-away?  A New Car?   New Appliances?  

Are you looking for a fun, and worthwhile parttime opportunity?   Love beautiful jewelry?   Do you have friends that love jewelry and fashion...and love to get together for some "girltime"?

Do you want to be in control of your own schedule, and earn as much as you want and enjoy rewards like 50% discounts, dream getaways, plus free jewelry? 

If you answered "yes! yes! yes!"... 

Tocara might be just what you are looking for!

Tocara is a business that can make your dreams happen!

Tocara is MORE than just fine jewelry, but a real life changing opportunity!




I've worked the corporate world, I've been the stay at home mom, I'm now the empty nester, I've been there when one company closed, and had to look for another...  AND Direct Sales has been there every step of the way!  

"I LOVE the incredible opportunity Tocara offers to women!"


Tocara Jewelry is set to expand North American wide, and I  would love for you to join our #tocaraparty!

  Join for just $229! Anywhere in North America!

Click here to JOIN Today!


Sterling Silver, Lab created diamond simulants - and WOW! 

Fabulous Spring Designs!  Take a look behind the Scenes!



About the Contributor

Denise Ouellette / Senior Vice-President

Tocara Calgary, AB

Hi! I'm Denise, Your jewelry girl! Actually I'm MUCH more than that! I can help you style YOUR LOOK with the latest jewelry fashions, Or I can help you realize your dreams! I LOVE this industry and EVERYTHING that it offers women! After 16 years in the field with PartyLite , I moved corporately with another company , and now I am BACK in the field...AND WOW! Tocara is the place to be!
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