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Living the L'BRI Life - MAY 2019
by Christina Wiedmeyer

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  • Health/Wellness/Nutrition,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

May is half over already!

Summer is upon us and I couldn't be more excited. Last summer we had a  life- altering adventure (not a fun adventure!) and much of our summer was taken from us.

This year, we are taking our summer back and doing everything fun we can think of. And that means lots of sun and sand and family pond time. So we will need our sunscreen for sure!

Check out this video here to see  what you need for summer protection, summer color, and how to heal that sunburn fast, without peeling and without chemicals (if you forget to use the sunscreen or reapply it-it happens!) 

We have a $69 special right now to join this AMAZING company. If you have been considering direct sales and looking at profit plans then you will know how truly great L'BRI is...and you are leap years ahead of where I was when I started. I didn't know ANYTHING about the biz.  I started solely because I wanted a discount on things  I loved. Whether you are where I was or you are shopping around for a profit plan, or anywhere in between, L'BRI  can rock your world and change your life.

I used to think Direct Sales was not a real job, not real $,  you need sales background...I even wondered if it was a scam?!  

I was So VERY  Naive. But now I'm educated - Thank Goodness!!

Speaking of Naive, I used to think eating healthy and excersizing were the only healthy things I needed to tackle. Well, again, I'm glad I was educated 11 years ago on SKINCARE playing a role in health as well. And in my humble opinion, it's the EASIEST and LEAST time consuming way to make a healthy change.

Thinking about what this company can do for you? Or care enough about a friend that could benefit? Check this out...




(and those hosting NOW, that close in June)

This Summer Package  below can be yours! It includes our NEW Lip  Protection with SPF 30

And let me sweeten the deal with more FREE Summer products from me!

I'll throw in 2 of these 3 - your choice:

1. Sunless Glow Tanning Lotion

2. Bronzing Lotion

3. Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF



Our FLAWLESS FINISH Foundation , Dual Action Foundation, Concealer and Blush are on sale

Yes, we have makeup too! 

Flawless Finish is fairly new, out almost a year now. It is LIGHT and BREATHABLE, not  greasy, works for all skin types, covers very well and is buildable. These are the reasons why everyone is raving about it.  

There's so many color choices, and we all want the right color on our face, right?! So to help you color match, come to my house  this month.

4 chances to drop in and sample ALL Foundation colors and almost all other makeup colors.

I just bought EVERY foundation color last week so I am ready for you !

All super informal. You apply or I apply the makeup - YOUR CHOICE

Warning: My house will likely NOT be clean

I'll provide my favs - Margaritas, Wine & a Simple Snack. 

Come and go as you must -   
Bring a Friend if you want

THURSDAY  May 16 5-7 pm

FRIDAY May 17 5-7 pm

SUNDAY May 19 1-3 pm

FRIDAY May 31 5-7 pm


There's SO much info in my PRIVATE VIP GROUP on Facebook:

Christina's PRIVATE VIP Community Group

Testimonials from my customers & Hostesses

How-To Videos (Including a Makeup how-to on half of my face from last fall)


& Much More

Here's some Testimonials from MY Customers for fun...



I could not love this multi-purpose cleaner more!

I use it for EVERYTHING around the house, including clothing & car interior & even some plants to keep bugs away!


Here's something fun I do-I have a  referral program


Contact me here for a FREE Sample and/or a Skin Consultation to SHOP or BROWSE an online Catalog





About the Contributor

Christina Wiedmeyer / Supervisor


Welcome! I'm Christina...A mom, wife, and skincare specialist. I used to teach high school I teach natural skincare! I love all things natural and healthy. Come and learn more!
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