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May is a Great Time to Join Neal's Yard Remedies
by Susan Kaup

  • Business:
  • Business Opportunity,
  • Getting Started/Fast Track,
  • Working from Home

It's always a great time to begin your own organic business with Neal's Yard Remedies, but right now there are even more reasons to consider becoming an Independent Consultant.

kids are out of school

Maybe you need a more flexible schedule in the summer when the kids are home. Hit the ground running in May to get your business off to a great start, and you will be in good shape once the kids are out of school.

Prepare for the Fall selling season

Fall is the busiest season for sales. If you begin your business in May, you will have the summer to train at your own pace, and be ready for a great fall.

summer work

If you are a teacher, college student, or anyone with summers off, Neal's Yard Remedies may be a good fit for you. 

Start today for as little as $60!

The standard business kit at $149 contains over $425 in products and everything you need to begin your organic business, including a FREE personalized website. (You shouldn't have to spend money to make money!)  You also have the option to add aromatherapy essentials to your kit for $50, giving you even greater value!


From April 26 - May 31, 2019 you can begin your own organic business for as little as $60 

PRODUCTS included in the limited edition $60 mini kit!

Rehydrating Rose Toner $28
Wild Rose Beauty Balm $74
Citronella Org Essential Oil $12
Bee Lovely Shower Gel $27
Wild Rose Hand Cream $15

Travel Orange Flower Facial Wash and Travel Rose Facial Wash $20 value


NYR Trolley Bag
Main Spring/Summer Catalog (x10)
Order Forms (x50)
NYR Kraft Carrier Bags (x10 med/ x10 lg) Frankincense IntenseTM Cream Sachets (x20) Frankincense IntenseTM Eye Cream Sachets (x20)


Don't let this incredible opprtunity pass you by! If you have a passion for the benefits of using safe and effective organic products, contact me TODAY (link to my profile is below this article) to learn more about Neal's Yard Remedies, or check out my website to sign up today!


About the Contributor

Susan Kaup / Independent Consultant

Neal's Yard Remedies/ NYR Organic Stillwater, MN

I'm a mom of 3 kids and a granddaughter. I worried about the toxic soup we're exposed to every day. I was thrilled to find Neal's Yard Remedies and their certified organic products that are safe and effective. Neal's Yard Remedies changed my life by making me aware of what's in the products we use every day and the food we eat. Together we can change the world, one blue bottle at a time.
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