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by April Carnahan

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

May can have us running all over...May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Graduations, and so much more!


Allow me to assist you & save you some trips to the store.  Heck I can even help you save money this month!


Let's get started!  Kick off summer with these amazingly delicious lip balm tins!  I love the Root Beer Float, it's the classic taste of growing up.  But the Dreamsicle and Pina Colada are huge hits for those liking the fruitier side of things!  You really can't go wrong for only a $1.....or ask me how to grab one for FREE!


Let's get a little nerdy for a have a flash back to when it was really cold outside.

Pure Air essential oil used as a hand sanitizer plus more in this short clip!


Whenever you grab an essential oil from Lemongrass Spa you'll receive a free helpful guide which I was reading off of in the video :) 


What's May with our Cinco de Mayo and/or Margaritas?  Get your fix all summer long without the calories by using our Lime Splash line of products!

A wonderful citrus scent that will  packs a pick me up! 

Remember body polish is great for those gardening hands or sandal feet when you can't get a pedicure. 

Body spritz is a must for after the pool, beach, or lake to refresh the hair and detangle it all! 

The body wash and body icing are fantastic to heal the skin after a long day in the sun. 

And be sure you have your Healing Elements Balm and  Prebiotic Facial Mist to soothe those sunburns and more!



As I mentioned above and even though  it's called Facial Mist got to love all the other uses too!


Here's the Top 5 Summer Essentials....are you prepared? 



 Curious about starting your own Lemongrass Spa journey?  Check out this quick event on 5/2, join it here!




If you're interested, I'm celebrating my birthday with y'all and Lemongrass Spa, check out the details in my online community.


If you'd like the 5 piece Summer Essential bundle or any of the other items contact me for easy ordering via email ( or text 402.204.8070.  Shop online anytime!  No party/event needed.


I'm bring back Foot Soaks for the warmer months so grab the ladies for a relaxing Friday night or Sunday afternoon!  Send SOAK to 402.204.8070 for available dates.  Speaking of Foot Soaks, May also kicks off our Freedom Feet campaign.  Learn more here!


Lastly, May's Bliss Box is live!  Learn more about it here!


Please reach out with any questions, concerns, struggles, or areas you need some advice on.


Thank you for your continued support!

Take care, 


About the Contributor

April Carnahan / Senior Director

Lemongrass Spa Fremont, NE

With the help of Lemongrass Spa, I have reduced the toxins in my everyday life & the burden of living the 'corporate world' life. Our natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, & spa products are handmade, fresh in the USA! They are redefining life for our customers and our consultants! Contact me to sample our products, learn more with your friends, or how to start your own journey today! We don't know if we don't ask!
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