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Pampering Your Difficult Skin with Lemongrass Spa
by Cheryl Fanella

  • Content Type:
  • Education/Information,
  • Content Focus:
  • Personal Care,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics

It is the number one question I'm asked as a Lemongrass Spa consultant, and I believe it's also the number one question that goes unasked because of fear or embarrasment. 

"Cheryl, I have (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, skin allergies).  Does Lemongrass Spa have products that can work for me?" 

I'm thrilled when someone is brave enough to ask because only then can we start to explore the options.  Before I answer the question, though, I have one of my own:



Have you been tested by Your doctor?

Many try to "self diagnose" their own skin issues. In these matters, it's important to get a doctor's expert opinion and overall plan for relief treatment. These skin conditions have a complex web of different causes and treatment options. Some issues are brought about by external factors, while others are caused by internal elements, and it's important to know the difference.  For example, eczema is a hypersensitivity of the skin and is strictly a topical condition.  It can be affected by a number of environmental factors such as certain dyes, fabrics, soaps, pet dander, or other allergens. When the cause for the sensitivity is known and eliminated, the skin's condition can dramatically improve.  In comparison, psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder, meaning it's triggered from inside the body. There's currently no known cure for psoriasis.  Many sufferers have been able to control symptoms through the use of diet, stress control, and prescribed medication from their doctor. Because some of the symptoms for both of these conditions may appear similar, it's possible to mistake one for the other. Self-diagnosing can create a world of frustration for anyone trying to find the perfect combination to "fix it".  Please talk to your doctor, get tested, and really know what you are dealing with!  


Now for the fun part! What if you could find Lemongrass Spa products that are soothing, stress-free, and feel amazing to use?


What can or should I use?*


 "I have eczema."  One of the most popular Lemongrass Spa product recommendations for eczema is the multipurpose Healing Elements Balm. The zinc oxide is soothing and helps with the itching sensation. Less scratching means less inflammation. It's also a good idea to eliminate body care products that contain synthetic or artificial fragrance. Lemongrass Spa provides a variety of fragrance-free products including Body Icing, Prebiotic Hand Wash, and Prebiotic Body Wash. Another suggested idea is that products should contain a limited number of ingredients.  Lemongrass Spa is committed to using quality natural ingredients, not complicated by fillers or harsh preservatives.


"What about me? I have psoriasis."  Other customers, who also have psoriasis, describe loving the use of a gentle exfoliate to remove cell build up along the area and afterwards, applying Lemongrass Spa's Ultra Hydrating Body Creme to keep the new skin moisturized.  Using one of Lemongrass Spa's balms, such as Peppermint Foot Balm, can also help ease the topical discomfort associated with psoriasis. Another idea is using the Prebiotic Facial Mist. This Facial Mist sprayed on the area help feed the good bacteria on the skin and keep it healthy as it heals.



"Can you speak to rosacea?" "I'm allgergic to aloe." "Anything nut-free?"    Yes, yes, and yes! Because Lemongrass Spa provides a complete list of product ingredients, I also have several convenient lists on hand for some of the most common allergies and skin concerns. Click Here to send me a confidential, private message and let's start chatting.  Through a personal consultation, I'll help you explore your best options. Imagine what mornings could be like once you find products that feel amazing to use, even on your difficult skin! 


Do you suffer from a skin issue and found your perfect Lemongrass Spa product?  Tell us about it!  Leave a comment below and help others know what product options they may want to consider!


  *Not intended as medical advice or treatment. Recommendations based on customer opinions, product reviews, and recommendations.



About the Contributor

Cheryl Fanella / Lemongrass Spa Senior Sales Consultant

Lemongrass Spa Cheyenne, WY

I'm a vibrant wife, mother, business owner and community leader. I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and sharing ideas with other busy moms. My goal is to create a community dedicated to talking about ways to save time, money, simplify living spaces, and the "how-to's" to successfully switching to fresh, clean, and natural personal care products . There's so much to enjoy!
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