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Safer Summer Skincare
by April Carnahan

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics,
  • Content Type:
  • Shopping


Generally we think winter time to take care of our skin.    However, we just might be exposed to more products during the summer.    The addition of bug spray, sunscreen,  and what happens when you have to shower twice in a day during the shower.


We can pick some safer & healthier  solutions to get us thru the summer and beyond!  Check out some of our customers favorites which just happen to be on sale in July!


Our Top Selling product Healing Elements Balm leads the way to safer skincare all year round.  Everyone loves it for the light scent & amazing healing powers.  I love to say it has more uses than  a Swiss Army knife.  You can grab  the 2oz travel jar as a buy one, get one 50% off in July (total $22.50 for 4 oz).  Or if you prefer the  best savings the 6oz family tub is always $22.


Check out all of these uses!  Plus a couple  photos of it in action. 






I shared more about our three favorite balms in this video, check it out to learn more!  What uses will come in handy at your house?



 Next up with some amazing savings this month is another favorite....Body Polish!  Now the problem is which scent to pick! :)




More about the body polish and a mini hand spa at home in this video.



One of our most popular essential oils, Lavender is on sale in July.  Save $5!  Check out all these uses!  It's also one of the most used essential oils in my bath bomb workshops.  If you haven't been able to experience a workshop be sure to contact me (402.204.8070, call/text).



See how fun & easy bath bombs are!


Next is the Revival Balm, it first made an appearance in the March Bliss Box as an exclusive item.  Reviews poured in and everyone was loving it so now the 2oz is available for everyone!  Plus we should be seeing it in the 2 other balm sizes soon!  Check out just a few of the amazing reviews others have shared after using it.


If you love the smell of the Espresso Body scrub like I do, you'll love the smell of the Revival Balm.  




Revival Balm is a FREE gift when you start a journey with Lemongrass Spa in July.  It's a fantastic product to share with others right along side the other balms which are also included in the Spa Success kit.  I'd love to chat if you have been considering jumping on board.  Or are you just ready to dive in?  Click here to get started!




 Here's a recap!




Also, June's Bliss Box is rolling over to July.  We will have a brand new box in August.  Supplies are limited so grab  these summer essentials before they are gone!  Check out this blog post to learn more about what's all included.


I'll be attending our national conference at the end of July which will including hearing about  what our newest products will be!  Would you love to get on a list to receive the Fall catalog?  Fill out this short form!


July  continues our Freedom Feet campaign, the awesome thing happening right now is for every 10 kits we get sponsored our Home Office tosses in 2 more kits!  If you haven't checked it out yet CLICK HERE!



Three ways to grab all your goodies!

1)  Pay full price & shop online anytime.  If you are with a Host please select her name so she earns credit!

2)  Pick a fun way to share with friends and earn FREE shopping & half price items!  Fill out this form or text me 402.204.8070.

3)  Give it all a try by grabbing the $129 kit anytime!  Check it out here!  Or text me and we can chat more!


Be sure to check out my other blogs as I've shared more about these products plus the sunscreen & bug spray!  As always please reach out with any questions, advice is always FREE!


About the Contributor

April Carnahan / Senior Director

Lemongrass Spa Fremont, NE

With the help of Lemongrass Spa, I have reduced the toxins in my everyday life & the burden of living the 'corporate world' life. Our natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, & spa products are handmade, fresh in the USA! They are redefining life for our customers and our consultants! Contact me to sample our products, learn more with your friends, or how to start your own journey today! We don't know if we don't ask!
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