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Spring Cleaning Naturally
by brittany pears

  • Content Focus:
  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
  • Household Products

I remember spring cleaning in my home was something of a production. We would wash the walls down, take all the curtains down and wash them and the windows. My mom would rent a carpet scrubber from the store and do each carpet, banning us from the room for the day while the fans and cool spring air coming from the windows would dry the carpet. It took days to do this all but it was just something we did every year. As I got older and could help more I was told wear gloves so the cleaners don't hurt your hands. I thought to myself well this is nuts. if this can hurt me why are we doing it? this question never got me out of work and to be honest I never kept the gloves on I hated the gloves. by the end of the week, my hands dry, red and they hurt but that was part of the job. A few weeks later my hands would begin to peel everywhere. this would go on for weeks and it hurt. But I never put the two together, I never once thought is all the cleaners the reason I am peeling? My doctors had no clue why I would have my hands peel like this either. 

When I moved out and was on my own I still cleaned all the time but I didn't do this big spring clean. I would just wash walls whenever and the rest of the year so it wasn't all at once. I was still using the cleaners and I was still peeling. then in my early twenties, I noticed my hands would peel multiple times a year and they had become super sensitive to lotions as well. But still, I wasn't putting it together. 

I started using Lemongrass spa products for my daughter's sensitive skin and mine as well. As I learned how important it was for these natrual products much liking eating right I was intrigued by it all. Then they started talking about using essential oils to clean and at first I was like wow this is a little too much. But then they said what a cost saver it was and as a stay home, mom cost saving was kind of my job! That is when I joined not only for the discount on the products but I wanted to learn more about living the cleanest life I could live for my kids and myself. 

About three months into selling lemongrass spa I was making my own all-purpose cleaner. six months in I was making everything I could from all-purpose cleaner to laundry soap. Then the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life. I woke up one morning and my daughter couldn't breathe. She had been having a hard time all winter with repository issues so I gave her a breathing treatment but It didn't help at all. I rushed her to the nearest children's hospital and there they gave her four treatments back to back. they then told me she was asthmatic. which gave me some relief because it was something we could control. but they kept us in the hospital for 3 days to monitor her and get her oxygen levels back to normal. 

while we sat in the room an asthma teacher came into the room to teach me all I needed to know about dealing with this. She handed me a paper titled cleaning with Natural Cleaners. I smiled and she said common cleaners can cause asthma to worsen and we should think about switching to cleaning with natrual cleaners. My husband (he thinks a take this natrual thing to far somethings) put his head down and smiled. he knew I was right haha. I told the lady that I did all this already and how we only use natrual products to clean and put on our bodies. she was so impressed and to be honest as a mother it helps me not to blame myself for this happening to my daughter. 

I haven't looked back at all I have made more natrual cleaners and will continue to learn because that conversation was all the confirmation I needed to know what I was doing was right for my family. side not my hands haven't peeled in two years!! Below are some of my must-haves for cleaning my home. these are safe enough that my kids can help me clean and I don't have to think twice about it being safe. We also defuse essential oils into the air to aid in disinfecting our home. 


All Purpose Cleaner

I use this cleaning on everything. my countertops (not granite) also on my table tops and bathroom sinks and vanities. I also do half water and halfwhite vinegar. 


"Lysol" spray 

I use this at the end of the day and use it one the toys and on the couch. I like using it at night so that it has all night to dry. 


Scrub-A-Dub Dub  (Bathroom cleaner)


Laundry Soap 

this will last about 6 months! I use one tablespoon preload 

1 box borax 

1 box washing soda 

1 tsp lemon (I use a little more for the smell) 

1 bar of tea tree bar soap (lemongrass spa's) 

1 bar of lemongrass bar soap (lemongrass spa's)

About the Contributor

brittany pears / team leader

Lemongrass Spa fredonia , PA

My name is Brittany and I am a Team Leader for Lemongrass Spa. When I am not working my biz I am a wife and mother of two. I love being able to spend my days with my family and working when I want! I love reading, spending time with friends and trying new things!
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