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Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils and more!
by April Carnahan

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  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural,
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  • Education/Information,
  • Tutorial/Demo


Three little bottles hold some amazing powers and unlimited possibilities.  Stick with me as we explore some ways to introduce essential oils into your daily routine.





Laundry...we have a love, hate relationship.  Most the time hate, lol :)    Are you aware one of the most toxic items in many households resides in the laundry toom?   Yes, it's dryer sheets!

Check out this article for the severity they can have on your health and everyone else in the house.      Chemicals in dryer sheets: asthma, rashes...


So you're wondering what alternatives are available?  Dryer balls either wool or plastic are options.   If someone has a wool allergy then skip the wool balls.


Then your next options which can be used with  dryer balls too.  DIY Dryer Sheets!!  Check out this video where I made them for the first time, lol.     




Now the next item, if you are anything like me it's cleaning wipes.  They are very convienent and helpful to clean up in a jiffy.  However, turns out they aren't very healthy for us either.  First if you read the container it would tell you to  not come in contact with skin.  Secondly, they kill all bacteria.  We need to keep our good bacteria around, it keeps us healthy!


Allow me to introduce you to my most favorite essential oil recipe.  Love these DIY Cleaning Wipes.  Bonus your house smells amazing from using them too!




Last but not least, you can do fun things with essential oils too!  BATH BOMBS!!!  Oh yes, you can easily make your own at home.  They are incredibly affordable too.  Want to learn how to make these?  I offer Bath Bomb workshops  so contact me.  Text me at  402.204.8070



Here's an article discussing bath bomb safety too!  Please be aware that there are many companies out there claiming to offer natural products yet if you read the ingredients they are not safe for most to use, let alone kids.     Click here to read the article


Lastly but certainly not least, hand sanitizer!  This is another one of those products  out on the market that you use and it's killing all the bacteria on your skin.  Sure we don't want those bad bacteria however it's killing the good too.  We can feed the good instead and it'll overtake the bad bacteria leaving you healtier.   That's another subject in it's self so if you are curious please reach out!


Back to the hand sanitizer, check out this short video.  And you can laugh at my seasonal attire :) 



That's a wrap and only the tip of the ice berg of what essential oils can do!   Please not that not all essential oils are safe to use around all ages.  Also, please use caution around pets.  The awesome thing is if you purchase essential oils from me you will receive an guide booklet with the safety information plus a few recipes too!  Yap, it's free!


Please reach out with any questions, want the recipes, looking for more recipes, etc.  Comment below or text me 402.204.8070.


About the Contributor

April Carnahan / Senior Director

Lemongrass Spa Fremont, NE

With the help of Lemongrass Spa, I have reduced the toxins in my everyday life & the burden of living the 'corporate world' life. Our natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, & spa products are handmade, fresh in the USA! They are redefining life for our customers and our consultants! Contact me to sample our products, learn more with your friends, or how to start your own journey today! We don't know if we don't ask!
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