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Spring/Summer 2018 Must Haves
by Kathy Craig

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February is a big month at Magnolia and Vine. Not only is it our anniversary month, we also launch our Spring/Summer collection. This year we’ve gone all out with new offerings. We added jewelry in warm, sun kissed yellow gold, introduced over a hundred new snap designs (including medical alter snaps), expanded our Versa handbag and Beaucoup collection and introduced a whole new category of home goods.

As the cold temperatures start to warm up and we transition our closets from sweaters to shorts, we also start thinking about different jewelry choices. Just like clothing trends, jewelry trends come and go. We are still seeing a big trend of women wanting jewelry choices that are more personal and help them tell their story. We want to get a lot of mileage out of what we wear every day.  Magnolia and Vine solves this problem by offering jewelry and accessories that you can truly create your own style and look, while allowing you to change it up with just a snap.  Let’s look at some of my top picks and must haves out the new catalog.


Yellow gold was the symbol of status in the 80s and 90s; unfortunately, it fell out of style. But it is making a come back in a big way! Designers look at many indicators to predict trends in the fashion industry, and one of those indicators is what some influential women are doing. When newly engage Meghan Markle revealed that yellow gold was her favorite metal tone in jewelry, there was an instant surge in in popularity of yellow gold.

Staying on trend, we have introduced a new line of jewelry in the yellow gold tone, and these pieces are truly gorgeous.

Tassels are still an emerging trend in jewelry, such as the Felicity Necklace picture above. Pair it with the Radiant Stretch Ring, Droplet Earrings, and Spiral Wire Bracelet and you will be set for the season.



Rose gold has seen a huge surge in popularity in the past couple of years, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. We introduced rose gold into our jewelry line last year, and this year we added more selections. We love a splash of rose gold to brighten things up.  Its pinkish tone goes well with almost all skin tones. Add Snaps in caribbean blue, coral, pink- or any hue you like. Rules don’t apply!


The Lattice Play Stretch Bracelet and Avant Garden Pendant have been a best seller in our silver tone metal, and we now offer it the popular rose gold tone.  



We started Magnolia and Vine with silver tone jewelry, and of course we still offer several pieces in this still on trend and always popular tone.

One of my top picks of the season is the Winged Wonder Pendant/Pin. You can add this precious dragonfly to a chain and wear as a necklace or use the attached pin on the back and wear it a brooch. The link design in the tail allows movement, making this a lovely piece to own.

Another top pick of mine is the Reversible Riviera Pendant. This is our first pendant we have offered that can be worn with an original snap or turn it around and wear it without a snap. The reverse side adds just a touch of sparkle. Purchase two and wear create a layered look.



Our Beaucoup collections offers you upscale choices that do not take a Snap. This collection meets the trends of layering bracelets, long delicate necklaces, tassels, dangle earrings, and trending colors. The new Florine Necklace in our Beaucoup collection is a must have for the upcoming season. Its delicate airy look and soft colors can be dressed up or down. The best part of this entire collection is you can wear it more than one way and get at least three different looks.


Our Versa handbag continues to lead the industry in innovation with our interchangeable system. You no longer need to move all the contents to a new purse when you want to match your bag to match your outfit, or just want a new look. This year we expanded our collection by adding a slightly larger bag in our Journey Crossbody, and we added the new base color of navy blue and several new accent flaps. The great thing about our accent flaps is they fit both size base bags. We are seeing navy blue all over the fashion runways, and they say navy blue is becoming the new black. We believe this is the perfect color for spring and summer and a great color to carry you into next fall.


Our customers spoke, and we listened. Last year we offered bundle packages with our Versa bases and accents, and our customers wanted more. So, this season we are offering the bundle deals every day. You can now bundle your purchase and save $20.



Magnolia and Vine is all about expressing your individuality, and we are so happy to introduce a new product category this season. Our new housewares allow you to bring your own style and distinctiveness into your home with a Snap. You can select from two different cabinet/drawer knobs, two different window clings, a bookmark, and a set of four magnets.



Think outside the box when it comes to these home goods. Mount the cabinet/drawer pulls on a decorative board for each family member, add an initial snap or custom snap with their picture and you have a unique coat/backpack rack. Update the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, bath, or bedroom and customize the look of your home. You can even change out your snaps for the holidays.  

Use the window clings on your dresser or bathroom mirror and have a place to hang your necklaces or scarfs. Place one on the front of your fridge, stove, or dishwasher front and have an instant towel holder.

Everyone likes to display their children/grandchildren’s art work on the fridge, so whey not get a custom made with your loved one’s picture or place an initial snap in our magnets, so everyone can identify the artist.  The possibilities of these are endless. Hopefully we will see this category expand in future catalogs.


We continue to offer several categories of accessories. Including sunglasses, hats, shoes, wallets, keychains, and crossbody bags. All our accessories take a Snap in original or mini size to allow you to personalize your look.


We have so much to offer this Spring/Summer season. I hope you check it all out. You can view our virtual catalog and shop all your favorite choices on my website:

Like my Facebook page @  where you can get tips, trend alters, and announcements for new products and deals.

Join my Facebook VIP group @  where you can participate in contests and win free products, get exclusive offers, and hear all the Magnolia and Vine news first.

About the Contributor

Kathy Craig / Star Style Consultant

Magnolia and Vine DeSoto, MO

Having no previous experience in direct sales, I was so excited to find jewelry that I could customize to show my personal style and budget. Now, a goal achieving sales earner, which allowed me to earn a Fast Start bonus, promotion to Style Consultant, and earning a substantial income in a short amount of time. I work my business on my schedule, so I can be there to enjoy time with my family.
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