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Tips for Hosting a Successful Norwex Party
by Sandra Hayward

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  • Tips/Ideas



Thank you for hosting a Norwex Party! Get ready to have fun, earn fabulous products, and help your friends and family learn more about creating a healthy home.


Here are my tips for hosting a successful Norwex party...


  • Firstly RELAX! Hosting a Norwex party is fun and easy!

  • Make a list of friends, family, neighbours to invite. Be sure to over invite as not everyone will be able to make it and encourage those you ask to bring a friend. Now invite using various methods of invitation – Facebook/text/email/phone/postcards. Personal invitations always work best, so I strongly encourage my hosts to let each person they are inviting know why they would love Norwex.

  • Call or message your guests a day or two before to remind them about the party (we all have such hectic lifestyles!) Ask those that can’t make it if they would like to place an order or host their own party. (These outside orders and bookings will count towards your party totals.)

  • Go through the catalogue before your party and circle your favourite products. This will save lots of time at the end of your party and will help me to work out the best deal possible for you!

  • Keep it simple! A cuppa and a packet of biscuits or a glass of wine and some nibbles are all that is needed. My aim is to save you money by hosting a Norwex party! Also, it helps to encourage your guests to host their own party when they see how simple it is!

  • Please leave a few surfaces for me to clean, for example, the range hood, splashback or oven door make great demos for the kitchen, or the shower screen, basin and mirror in the bathroom. I will sweep and mop a patch of flooring as well as cleaning a sliding glass door or window and perhaps a fly screen. A little bit of dust left on your TV cabinet, bookcase, Venetian blinds or ceiling fan blade is also good.


Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share Norwex with you and your friends, I am looking forward to helping you receive some amazing product rewards for your efforts! 



Haven’t got your party booked yet?


Contact me ON FACEBOOK to schedule a date.

About the Contributor

Sandra Hayward / Consultant

Norwex Gold Coast, QLD

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I am a wife and a mum to a teenage boy. I am thankful that I have been able to create a safe haven of my home with the amazing Norwex products. I am passionate about helping others to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in their homes, create financial freedom and a brighter future for themselves, their families and our planet.
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