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Tocara! A Team of Super Heroes!
by Denise Ouellette

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Today is March 8th, 2018 "International Women's Day"!   What a perfect day to recognize the incredible efforts of the Imagine Dream Team at Tocara!  This is an unstoppable  "Team of Women",  incredibly talented, dynamic, who support and work together each and every day!    24/7- 365 days a year!  Led by a Fabulous group of Directors (all women!) who are committed and dedicated to helping other women succeed in their Tocara businesses. 

Most women open up their Tocara Jewelry business with no business or sales experience, age doesn't matter, location doesn't matter, education doesn't matter.  We all start with the same starter kit (& put our panty hose on one leg at a time) and have exactly the same opportunity to take our businesses as high as we want!  This is PRETTY EXCITING - and like no other industry!

Tocara Consultants write their own paychecks every week!  Promote-up to the next level,  AND give themselves a promotion based on their sales/team performance when they want it!  AND earn DREAM DESTINATION Incentive Trips if they choose to earn it! 

This year Tocara is celebrating 10 years strong, with incentive trips to Punta Cana...this is the Imagine Dream Team in February 2018!

Next is a trip to New York City in December/Christmas!  AND then a Dream Destination Trip to Riviera Nayarit, Puerta Vallarta!

The Tocara opportunity is such a "light bulb moment"  for many women, because so often in their J.O.B. or corporate world positions you have to wait until "someone retires", "someone else get a promotion", ... or you have to be willing to relocate to a different city and uproot your family and children.  And sometimes it's the "man" who gets the promotion instead of you, and you know you are more qualified and deserving!  And then you wait at the end of the year to see what your pay increase is, and how many holiday days you are entitled to - and when you can take them. 

I've worked the financial industry, been there! Done that!!!  

In the direct sales industry we ofter hear " You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself".  And this is what sets our industry apart - and make it one of the BEST opportunities for women!  And why we are so good at it!  And why I LOVE it so much!

I've seen it change lives!  I've witnessed women getting out of some pretty bad situations because they had an "Opportunity" to earn the income they needed, and to have the support they needed to make a better life and different choices!  I've seen women earn DREAM DESTINATION trips to places they have never dreamed of going, or traveling for the very first time on a plane and dipping their toes in the ocean! or buying their first home!

Our industry is also, one of the most charitable.  Every day I see silent auction items donated, Tocara fundraisers held to help local organizations!  Hours driven to help teammates, and hold events!

I am so proud of the Imagine Dream Team, and our incredible team of women!  You all have "super-powers", incredibly talented, care about each other, and can take your businesses as high as you want!

Your dedication to help and support one another is to be commended! 

When women support other women, incredible things can happen! 

You are truly a team of "Super Heroes"!


About the Contributor

Denise Ouellette / Senior Vice-President

Tocara Calgary, AB

Hi! I'm Denise, Your jewelry girl! Actually I'm MUCH more than that! I can help you style YOUR LOOK with the latest jewelry fashions, Or I can help you realize your dreams! I LOVE this industry and EVERYTHING that it offers women!
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