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Using Jewelry to Dress for Success
by Kathy Craig

  • Content Focus:
  • Clothing/Fashion,
  • Jewelry/Handbags/Accessories,
  • Content Type:
  • Education/Information

Imagine walking out to your car every morning feeling confident and pulled together, ready to slay your work day. You walk into work standing tall, and as you head to your office or desk your co-workers notice something different about you. They may even tell you how good you look. Whether you’re a fancy or costume jewelry kind of gal, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe and make you feel more put together and confident like a well accessorized outfit. Properly dressing for work can be tricky sometimes, but when done right, jewelry can be a great way to improve your look in the office, and when we feel confident you perform better on your job.

Here are a few tips for using jewelry to accessorize your wardrobe at work and dress for success.

  1. Remove one accessory before leaving the house.

If you're afraid of going overboard, try this trick- remove one accessory before walking out the door for work. Think about your workplace culture. Do you work in conservative office, or maybe your workplace is more causal? Keep in mind different workplace environments will call for what types, and how much jewelry will be appropriate to wear. In a conservative office, wearing either a necklace or earrings is better than wearing both, while in a more causal workplace you may have more freedom to really use bold colors and wear multiple pieces at one time.


  1. Go for one bold piece.

It's easy to style up your favorite dress without going overboard. Try wearing one statement piece to take your outfit to the next level.

This Mini Yellow Gold Revolution Necklace will add that extra glitz your outfit may be looking for and will match your outfits for years to come.


Another great option is using necklaces you can layer or wear separate. Our Beaucoup collection of necklaces allows you to get that layered look when you want it or wear the pieces as one single necklace when your outfit calls for a simpler choice. Choose from our Florine, Athena, or Curio Beaucoup collections.


This Cleo Chain Cuff Bracelet is the perfect statement piece when you want to draw attention from your face. I’ve paired it up here with our Zelda Jet Pearl snap, Natural Turquoise Snap, Vintage Clear snap, and Vino Snap to show you how you can take one piece and change it to match your outfit colors, mood, or go from day to night.

The great thing about these pieces is, if you are on a budget, you can change the snap to match your colors or mood and wear them with multiple outfits. To make sure you don’t overdue it, just pick one statement piece to highlight, or draw attention away for an area.


3. If you only choose one accessory, make it earrings

Wanting to keep your work attire polished and classy? Using stud and statement earrings is a great accessory. Well chosen earrings can take you from office during the day, to night while keeping your look effortless.

When shopping for earrings, look for subtle, timeless pieces with a pop of color. Our selection of earrings allows you to purchase a couple of styles and change out the color and bling level with just a snap! They are the perfect balance between polished and striking.

4. Use rings to improve your mood.

Let’s face it, some of us stare at our keyboards all day - so try rings that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your spirits.

Try one statement ring, such as our Mini Rose Gold Spiral Stretch Ring, or the Radiant Stretch Ring available in rose gold and silver tone.

If you want a slightly understated piece, try our Yellow Gold Simplicity Stretch Ring or Mini Solitaire Stretch Ring.  Stacking rings is still on trend as well, and a great way to breathe new life into rings you already own. Just remember, when using this look at the workplace, it’s best to keep it simple; mixing lightweight rings along with one statement ring to create a balanced look. Try and stay away from stacking to many rings and varying the placement on your hands when at the office.





About the Contributor

Kathy Craig / Star Style Consultant

Magnolia and Vine DeSoto, MO

Having no previous experience in direct sales, I was so excited to find jewelry that I could customize to show my personal style and budget. Now, a goal achieving sales earner, which allowed me to earn a Fast Start bonus, promotion to Style Consultant, and earning a substantial income in a short amount of time. I work my business on my schedule, so I can be there to enjoy time with my family.
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