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Vegan Beauty...HUH?
by Lori Jacobsen

  • Content Focus:
  • Health/Wellness/Nutrition,
  • Skincare/Cosmetics,
  • Content Type:
  • LifeStyle

What does the word "vegan" bring to your mind???  Usually it brings the thought of foods that we eat or choose not to eat.   I picture fields of vegetables and fruits, fridges full of  amond milk, and  nut butters galore (excuse me as I start drooling). But veganism applies to what we use on our skin as well—there’s a huge slice of skin-care and makeup products that apply the same animal-friendly principles to beauty, and it’s important to know about this arm of the industry.

Vegan beauty is often misunderstood...even more than the vegan food world—particularly when compared to “clean” beauty, which is a totally different thing altogether. In part, this is because there are tons of different beauty distinctions out there from EcoCert to cruelty-free to vegan itself. So to clear up the confusion, here’s what the pros want you to know about it.

The 411: What *is* vegan beauty?

Just like with food, vegan beauty means that the product has zero animal-based ingredients inside it. Not only should there be no animal ingredients in the product, it should also not be tested on animals! Welcome to Leaping Bunny certification!! There are some  ingredients to watch out for that are animal derived, such as,  beeswax, lanolin, sugar which can be processed using charred bone, carmine, keratin,   Oleic acid, and  gylicerine are just a few.  Sometimes it feels like you really need a science degree to figure out what you want to know about product ingredients. 

For those that choose  veganism as a way of life, regardless of the reason, they are placing huge trust on the market to bring products that meet their standards.

How to know if a product is vegan

As is the case with skin-care and makeup products that claim to be clean or natural, vegan products are not verified by any governing body. So you have to do your own research and have a level of trust within the company that you are purchasing from. 

You can verify that it’s truly vegan if you run the product by 

Some brands aren’t entirely vegan, but have some products that are (such as Osmia).  Whichever route you choose for your own beauty cabinet, it’s just good to be informed. Here's how Willing Beauty products stack up. 


We think Willing Beauty has a pretty great chance at meeting your vegan life-style.  We are Leaping Bunny Certified as well, which means we do not test any ingredient or our final product on animals.  Here's where to place your 100% Happy Guaranteed Order. 

About the Contributor

Lori Jacobsen / Senior Team Manager

Willing Beauty Kearney, MO

I am committed to helping others life their best life. Our appearance effects so many of our relationships. I use my education background to help others learn more about creating a life they love!
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