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Welcome to my journey!
by Pam Spigel

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Hey there!  I am so excited that you are here and spending a couple minutes of your time with me.  My name is Pam Spigel and I wanted to invite you to sit down, have a cup of coffee (my beverage of choice!!) and let me share my story with you!  Are you comfy? 


I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and daughter.  We moved here in 2004, when my daughter was 5 years old and have spent the last 14 years building a life with family, friends and our careers as our focus.  Just like you, I am sure!  Now my daughter, Izzy, is off to college!  It is such an exciting time as we watch her start her life with courage and curiosity!  My husband, Michael, and I have been married for 24 years and like most couples have had great years, good years, challenging years and just plain bad years together!  I am proud of how we have weathered these decades together and I truly look forward to our next decades together. 


Where I am in my life right now, as a woman in her 50s...with an "empty nest"...a fulfilling career as a Physical Therapist, leads me to the next part of my story...My direct sales business!! 





Two years ago, when my daughter was a junior in high school and her focus was touring, researching and applying to colleges, I realized I needed something in my life that would help ME when the time came for her to leave home and head off to college.  I had spent the last 16 years of my life primarily focused on raising our daughter, supporting my husband's demanding career and working part time to support my intellectual needs.  I knew I needed a new "project"...something that challenged me to learn new skills, work on my weaknesses and be FUN!  So, I joined up as an Independent Consultant with Scentsy.  I had done direct sales when Izzy was an infant/toddler for a company called Discovery Toys way back in the late 1990s.  I loved the "social selling" environment.  I loved sharing products that I endorsed, believed in, was excited about as a mom and a physical therapist.  I also loved the time away from my young child and the ability to flex my "brain muscle".



So, when I was introduced to Scentsy, again I was thrilled to find quality products and a company that I wanted to be affiliated with, I joined up right away.  First, I wanted to get things at the consultant discount because I HATE paying full price for anything!  Second, I loved the scents sooo much that I naturally started telling and sharing with all my friends and coworkers. And Finally, I realized the power of introducing this business opportunity to other women. How it could change their lives and make their dreams come true.  I am in my third year with Scentsy and love the growth and development I have experienced! 



This year, I have added another company to my business line.  Sabika Jewelry!  It wasn't my intent to add another, but I have been a loyal customer for three years with Sabika.  I love the quality, beauty and ease of this jewelry line and have been collecting pieces slowly over the years.  There were two reasons why  I made the decision to join as a consultant...

     1.  I love the story of the founder, Karin Mayr, and how she built her company.

     2.  This 12 year old company is completely underserved with less than 2000 consultants in the United States. 

This was important to me because of how beautiful I FEEL wearing this jewelry and I need to help other women FEEL that way too! 



My Keys to Success!!


DREAM...Believe...Make it Happen...

This is the formula for being successful in anything you take on in life! The first step is to DREAM a big, over the top goal. What do you really want? Picture in your head what your goal would look like...DREAM big! Is it paying for your kid's college, OR taking your family on a great vacation every year. Is it affording a cleaning lady EVERY week! Is it retiring from your day job? Is it a 6-figure salary? Do it...DREAM really big!!


Believe that it will happen for you with abundance and ease. This is a really important step in being successful. I have done a lot of personal work to daily align my beliefs so that my dreams can become a reality. Carol Tuttle, is an author, blogger, entrepreneur that has helped me to work on my ability to change my beliefs. I highly recommend her books, online courses, lifestyle membership. I am sure there are other resources out there as well!


Make it Happen!

This is the PLAN you put into place to reach your DREAM goal...You start with the goal...let's say it is to afford a cleaning lady every week ($300/month)...The question is then, what is my sales goal and my commission to meet this $300/month goal? If your commission is 25% then total retail sales need to be $1200. Now, what is the average total sales of your parties? Is it $500? So, you need to have 3 parties a month to meet your goal. Booking 4 parties a month gives you a little buffer in case of a cancelation or party change in date. Now you have a plan to meet your goal!  Now go out and Make it Happen!




Social selling is at its best when you meet people, share a little about yourself so they get to know you, offer incredible service so they like you and behave consistently so they trust you...Know, like, trust! Being yourself is the absolute only way to be! Authenticity, showing up and being you. Even if you are flawed, imperfect and a work in progress. Brene Brown and her work is a great resource to understanding authenticity and cultivating the honest you. She has several books that are a great read.


Have a Service Mentality

Keep your service hat on! Always be thinking "what am I doing to help someone else". If you start thinking about yourself and what you need, what your goals are, your focus will be on the wrong person! This is what makes you worried what people will think of you, that you will come across as pushy and salesy! If you are truly thinking about how you can help other people, this motive will show and people will respond to you!


Live you Life with Courage and Curiosity!


My daughter is teaching me this one! It is okay to be worried and afraid but it shouldn't stop you from doing what you really want to do. Have courage and try it anyway! Being curious about EVERYTHING is such a wonderful positive way to look at the unknown... be curious about things you don't know...yet!


I would love to connect with you and hear about your story and your dreams!


Connect with me on Facebook!


About the Contributor

Pam Spigel / Independent Consultant

Sabika Jacksonville, FL

I love simple, honest beauty! My own acknowledge my authentic look, accept and realize I am beautiful just being me and now embracing that look and making it mine! At the age of 54, I am in the best decade! My daughter is off to college and my husband (24 years!) and I are re-discovering each other and loving our life together. Where are you in your journey?
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