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What is a Flexi Clip and Who is Lilla Rose?

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What is the Flexi Clip and Who is Lilla Rose?


Many women have never heard of Lilla Rose or the Flexi Clip. I had never heard of them either until this past August. I was at the Cherry Festival in Polson, Montana and a Lilla Rose consultant was there with these crazy Flexi Clips. She told me a little bit about them but then I actually tried one on and realized these were not ordinary hair clips, so I bought one. I never intended on becoming a consultant but I wore my newly purchased Flexi Clip to work and all my co-workers wanted to get one so I decided to sign up just to get the discount. As I learned more about the company and the uniqueness of the products and the fact they worked and so many women have never heard about them, I knew this was a great opportunity, I have not regretted my decision.



First, A  little bit of  History about lilla rose.


John Dorsey designed the Flexi Clip for his wife several years ago.He tried to sale them in some of the biggest department stores, drug stores, and even QVC but they sat on the shelf. He knew he had a great product but he could not figure out why they didn’t sell. Then he realized that Flexi Clips are not like other products.They are unique and they need to be demonstrated. Women have to see and hold them. They need to try them in their own hair to realize that they are different. The Flexi Clip and the direct sales model were made for each other. The rest, they say is history.



what are  Flexi Clips and what makes them so different?


Flexi Clips are made of piano wire. This unique, patented design makes them flexible, strong and super comfortable.The design features three grooves on a pin which ensures a snug fit. The flat bead on the end of the clip locks the grooved end of the pin into place. The Flexi Clip will stay in and keep your hair up all day long. Their flexibility means no headaches like you can get with other hair clips or those pesky plastic claws that let's face it, aren't very stylish!! So do the "Flexi Clip Flip".




Because Flexi Clips are different than ordinary hair clips, one size does not fit all. Choosing the correct size will ensure a proper fit. There are seven different sizes so they will work in all hair types regardless of thickness.  The sizes range from mini, all the way to the XX-Large. Most women tend to think they wear a larger size than they really do. X-Small and smalls are by far the most popular. Measuring the size of your ponytail helps you to pick the correct size. This handy chart below will help. There is also a helpful video on my website that will show examples of different hair types. Don't worry, Lilla Rose has a 90-day exchange policy that allows you to change your clips to a different size if you pick the wrong one.




There are tons of different styles so there really is something for everyone.You can wear a Flexi Clip in place of any barrette, hair clip, claw or scrunchie. They are stylish, sporty and beautiful and can reflect any woman's sense of style. Lilla Rose also makes hair sticks, U-Pins, and bobby pins but the Flexi Clip is our signature product. 



 Are you ready to give the Flexi Clip a Try?



Be Original,




About the Contributor

MARIE WATSON / Supervisor

Lilla Rose Darby, MT

It's funny how a simple hair clip can change how I woman sees herself, but it can. That's what I love about Lilla Rose and why I became a stylist to share these awesome products with women who need them so that they will realize that they were created special and NO ONE is quite like them and sometimes all it takes is an encouraging word... and a hair clip .
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