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What makes VIC Cosmetics so Special?
by Shelli Reichardt-Auger

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  • Business Opportunity,
  • Recruiting/Sponsoring,
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  • Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural

What makes VIC Products so special?

VIC Cosmetics own the factory and lab which enables VIC to create never seen advanced technologies that have set a new standard of cosmetics. Jessica Le owns 16 patents and hundreds of trademarks worldwide.   Products are manufactured in the USA. The company is based in Southern California.

Because we own the lab, all the R&D of the products ensure a much higher quality and never shared or previously used formulations. We use new patented pigments that last longer, hydrate more, and remove easier. 

VIC cosmetics is a prestige brand. Our formulas and packaging are in line with ultra-high-end luxury brands like Dior, Tom Ford, and Chanel. Our pricing will be at least 30-40% less than what you would expect from those consumer brands and will be offered as BOGO’s or promotions such as buy two get one or buy three get three.

We have our own fulfillment center in Los Angeles. More so, we chose to open that in a very impoverished area in Los Angeles where unemployment is very high. We’ve created hundreds of jobs within that community.

Our line of products is multi-generational and will appeal to all age demographics and social status.

Products are vegan, gluten free, natural, not tested on animals, no lead, no formaldehyde, no parabens, no phthalates, no petroleum, no BHT or BHA compounds.


What makes the VIC Opportunity so Special?


VIC is reinventing direct sales and the stigma that so many people "invest money into a business and never make back what they invest." We are standing behind our mission of “We don’t make money, until you make money” by investing in our field. First there is a no cost option to enroll. In addition, websites/and the VIC app will be free for the first 3 months. Lastly, VIC will send out FREE samples to the first 3 people you think can help your business. We believe so strongly in our products and quality, that once you try, you buy, and we want this to be a risk-free investment for everyone. Consultants will have an opportunity to purchase a Product Pack within their first 90 days. $300 Value Full Size Products for $129.

Our business model is strictly social selling/network marketing/direct sales. So you can work from anywhere.

VIC will be offering a Customer Referral Program where customers can earn 15% free shopping credit for friends they refer and order with VIC. This will highly create a division between people wanting to just join to get the discount and instead can stay a customer and earn free credit. The result for our consultants, will be that they have a strong pool of customers and team members.

VIC will have a 90 Day Strong start program where consultants can earn free product credit and cash bonuses.

The VIC Compensation plan is lucrative, sustainable, simple and easy to understand. It pays on levels, no generations or breakage. Top tier offers infinity bonuses on entire downline organization. Consultants can make up to 40% commission on personal sales. Downline commission is paid on the full retail volume – not on a commissionable/wholesales volume of 75% as most companies. There are Advancement bonuses as well.

We will be rolling out a Founder’s Program which will include a profit-sharing pool. You will have the first year to qualify for this amazing program. So now is the time to start qualifying!

What a perfect way to start the New Year of 2019 off, with a Risk Free, Ground Floor Business Opportunity. Join my team today and just think...What if this opportunity could change your life?



About the Contributor

Shelli Reichardt-Auger / Elite 100 Leader

VIC Cosmetics Roseville, CA

I am a wife, mom, gramma and a Direct Sales enthusiast! I love nature, baking, gardening, biking, hiking, health, wellness & fitness, spending time with my family and cheering my grandkids on at their sporting events. I love helping others see their true potential and to share my 37 years of experience in the Direct Selling industry. My passion comes from building relationships and helping others achieve their goals and dreams!
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