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What The Heck is HGH?
by Shelley Spicher

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  • Health/Wellness/Nutrition

 What the heck is HGH?

 When a friend asked if I had heard of the homeopathic HGH gel, I immediately had to look up HGH.  I had no idea what HGH and I was a little embarrassed to tell my friend that I didn’t know.  And after learning what HGH stood for, I was embarrassed to say that I didn’t know much about it.  I'm sure I learned something about it during my college years while studying exercise science, but it wasn’t something that stuck with me.  And to find out that many Hollywood stars and professional athletes use HGH and I still didn’t know?


Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

 Why would my friend be asking me about human growth hormone?  Inquiring minds want to know.   So, before I googled HGH, I answered my friend simply saying no I haven’t heard of it, why?  She asked if I had 3 minutes to watch a video.  Of course, I have 3 minutes.

Perhaps, you too, have never heard of HGH or don't know much about it.  So, if you have 3 minutes, check out the video below.  Just be sure when you finish to read the rest of my blog.

After watching the video, my instant reaction was, "is this for real?"  I was intrigued to say the least.  And since I love to learn and was all in if this gel could help me sleep, give me more energy, and maybe more I wanted to learn more.

3 Minute Video


HGH levels begin to decline at age 35

HGH is produced naturally in your body by the master gland, the pituitary gland.  I learned that your HGH levels begin to decline in the body at age 35 at which time many of the aging signs and symptoms begin.  HGH is typically prescribed by a physician.  And it is typically given via injectables which is very costly.  Hence, the reason only Hollywood stars and professional athletes use it.  In addition, HGH can cause side effects if given in mega doses and not properly dosed.



All while learning about HGH and this gel, I then began to learn about homeopathy.  I knew a little about homeopathic remedies but not a lot.  Homeopathy is a way to treat illnesses by working with rather than against the body’s natural healing process.  Homeopathy uses small doses overtime which can do good for the body.  It’s based on natural ingredients that are safe and work in harmony with the immune system.  It works with the body’s innate healing process.  Homeopathy seeks to address the cause and not the symptoms.  Homeopathic medicines are over the counter, not addictive, they are holistic, and they are offered in gels, tablets, creams, patches, drops, and more.  And homeopathy has been practiced for over 200 years.

So, back to the HGH.  HGH is not new.  It’s been around for 30 years.  Fifteen years ago, the homeopathic transdermal HGH gel was formulated.  It was formulated to provide professional athletes a safer way to recover and repair their bodies between workouts, matches, events, etc.  It was sold in CA in a vitamin supplement store.  Surprisingly, it became very popular and had a 93% re-order rate.  In December 2018, the HGH gel formulator decided to take the gel to the masses through Network Marketers.


Network Marketers

Network Marketers?  Yes, most people perform network marketing every day but they just do not get paid for it.  Have you ever recommended or promoted your favorite restaurant?  Id so, then you’re a Network Marketer.



Ok, back to the HGH.  The gel is a unique blend of 3 active ingredients which offer adrenal and thyroid support and has a beautiful herbal profile.  The gel is homeopathic and gently stimulates your pituitary gland to make just a little more HGH naturally over time.  Increased HGH levels are associated with 40+ benefits.  HGH regulates body composition, body fluids, helps metabolize sugar, helps promote bone strength and muscle mass, and so much more.

The HGH has been a tremendous remedy for me.  I was a terrible sleeper tossing and turning most nights feeling like a wreck in the morning.  Now, I fall asleep within 3 minutes of my head touching the pillow and my mornings feel so much better.  I no longer have the afternoon yawns and I feel upbeat all day long.  My chronic knee discomfort that kept me from being able to exercise and be active with my son has significantly improved.  I am back to my exercise routine and doing fun things with my son.  And may I add that my 80-year old parents and 60-year old brother are now on the gel and loving their results.

The HGH gel is one more option for your life.  You can take advantage of this option now, later, or never but you always have this extra option.  Are you okay with feeling tired all afternoon, having sleepless nights, feeling older than you should, having joint discomfort, experiencing menopausal symptoms?  Or have you considered doing something about it?

About the Contributor

Shelley Spicher / Independent Distributor

New U Life Du Bois, PA

I am a single mom, a loyal friend, an exercise specialist, and a direct selling fanatic. I love to hang out with my family and two dogs, laugh, listen to music & dance, learn, teach others, health & wellness, and help others feel good about themselves. My true passion is helping others live a healthy, positive, and happy life. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.
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